quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

Distro Update!

ICEBOUND (POR) "Conquered by Frost" MC   4,00 €
Conquered by Frost is the debut album from the Pagan Black Metal band ICEBOUND, a portuguese solo project. It's a cold and dark album with a very raw mix and lo-fi recordings that contribute to the overall grimness of the music. It has a great focus on the atmosphere which resembles the ones found in bands such EMPEROR or BORGNE. Pro-tape limited to 100 copies. Released on July 2015.

Mors Atra Crucis (GBK/POR) "Demo I" Tape   3,00 €
First demo from FG, the drummer of evil Portuguese horde Satanize, and George Proctor of White Medal, Sump etc... 4 songs calling for all-out War and Plague. Disturbing Black/Death Metal darkness designed to unite North and South in misanthropy, hatred and sickness. Limited to 200 copies.

Patriarch (ITA) "Tyrant In The North" Tape   3,00 €

Pogavranjen (CRO) "The Void Transmission" Tape   3,00 €
Pogavranjen is a Croatian Black Metal Horde from Zagreb. Utilizing the full force of a full band channeling a unique atmosphere. 5 tracks make up the debut demo of this band and each one has a life of it's own. Professionally recorded and highly recommended for fans of true and to the point Black Metal Art. Limited to 200 copies.

Sump (GBK) "Murder" Tape   3,00 €
The latest Sump demo featuring 6 new songs that have been a feature of Sump's live sets over the past year. Dedicated to further defining Sump's taste (or lack there of) for Black Metal tinged UK82 meets Oi! Recorded on cassette 4-track for extra clarity.

Sump (GBK) "VII: Ways To Pass Into Death‎" Tape   3,00 €

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