Aanomm (SPA) "Dragging Hurtful Shame" Digi CD   5,00 €
In 2013 Aa and Mm created AanomM whith an idea in mind: to play a hurtful, deep and nostalgic Black Metal. In summer of this year they made their first studio recording: the EP "Demands Self Destruction", composed by four songs and self released. Now, in 2015, they released their first full-length: "Dragging Hurtful Shame". Four songs that take the torch of Darkthrone, Burzum or Forgotten Woods. Edited on exclusive digipak limited to 500 copies by SadiXmo and Vertebrae.

Ammit (CHI)  "Armageddon Cobra"    CD     6,00 €    11 years after their first classic masterpiece, ""Steel Inferno"", the Chilean Beast returns with more killer old school black/thrash, in the vein of thy old gods Bathory/Venom. 

Ancestrum (ARG)    Spells by the Northern Winds    CD     5,00 €     Debut album from 2011! Great pagan black metal, mixing some harsher sounds with clean and epic approaches. Worth to discover and explore further!
Animus Mortis (CHI) "Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh)"   CD     5,00 €     What a great surprise! This album is from 2008, and it brings a fresh and interesting black metal from Chile - not the usual blast'n'beat boring stuff that so much times comes from south-american lands! Great riffs, great feeling, great album!

Apolion (ITA) "Death Grows into Sperm"    CD     6,00 €     Grim, harsh, raging powerful yet decadent black metal in yur fucking faces! Finally available the 2010 full-length album CD, a concept release laughing about the pathetic human world.
Apud Inferos (ITA)    Apud Inferos / The roman uprising    CD     9,00 €     This is a surprisingly good vociferous disc released by Tour-de-Garde out of France. Grimness from Italy, but influenced heavily by the Norse pantheon
Ares Kingdom (USA)  "Return to Dust"    CD     8,00 €     Chuck Keller and Mike Miller, both from the kult death metal act ORDER FROM CHAOS (rip), formed ARES KINGDOM in 1996 and this is their debut. Pure Metal Sound!
Arkona (POL) "The raw years 1993-95"    CD     8,00 €
Arphaxat (FRA)  "Loudun la Maudite"    CD     9,00 €   The long awaited full-length album from the mighty ARPHAXAT now awaits! Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor). ""Loudun la Maudite"" forges even more holocaustic obscurity inspired by their majestic and mysterious myths of Pictavia. Those possessed by their 2003 demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album.
Ash Pool (USA) "For Which He Plies the Lash"    CD     9,00 €     2nd full.length.
Astrofaes  (UKR) "Live Hate" DVD     9,00 €     This 66 minute DVD of hateful orthodox Black Metal, highlights shows from 2004 in Kiev (UA), Moscow (RU) and Minsk (BY). DVD design by Thurios and V. Grechko - Limited to 1000 copies. Featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU, and DRUKDH.
Avsky (SWE)  "Mass destruction"    CD     9,00 €     Debut full-length.

Baal Zebuth (RUS) "Unholy Baal Zebuth"    CD     5,00 €     Black Metal from South Russia. Grim, disgusting, dirty. TRUE attitude. 500 copies only.
Bagatur (BUL)    Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie    MCD     6,00 €     Awesome Epic Battle - Pagan Black Metal Art! A Project Of Alex From Mighty ARYAN ART.

Black Crucifixion    (FIN)    "Faustian Dream"    CD     7,00 €     Now with a different sound, a kind of cross between Celtic Frost's", "Into the Pandemonium" and "My Dying Bride."

Betula (UKR) "To the fearless, merciless, immortal ones"   CD   5,00 €

Black Howling    (POR)    "Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit"    CD     6,00 €     2 long and intense tracks. 2nd full-length.

Black Rock (FIN) "The Mighty Sacrifice" CD   6,00 €

Blackdeath    (RUS)    "Satan Macht Frei"    CD     8,00 €     4th full-length: cold russian black metal.
Blasphemophagher    (ITA)    "Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse"    CD     9,00 €     Inspired by the old school spirit, this raw creature was born in december 2002 under the influence of alcoholic radiation's sickness..."". After a couple of demos and several splits, finally the full-post-apocalypse-length attack!!
Blood Red Fog    (FIN)    "Radiating Desolation"    MCD     5,00 €     Almost 30 minutes long EP. More straight-forward, stripped-down and rawer Black Metal than on the debut album.
Bloodrain    (RUS)    "De Vermis Mysteriis"    CD     6,00 €     From the past comes this Russian Black Metal attack. This debut album of uncompromising Black Metal has been reborn on CD featuring a bonus live video. Also included is a cover of Mayhem's classic song 'Deathcrush'.

Caedes    (GER)    "Seelenharmonie"    MCD     5,00 €     First mayhemic assault from this German horde!

Daemonlord + Lux Ferre + Malleus + Mortinatum   "Acerbus Mortis"    CD     6,00 €     Limited to 1000 copies.
Dawn ov Hate (SPA) " Death d'hivern"    MCD     5,00 €     Side-project with members of Graveyard, Lux Divina, Foscor,... Black metal.
Dead Christ Cult (UKR) "Your absurd life"    CD     5,00 €     Black/Thrash metal from Ukraine!
Deathrow (ITA)  "Gateways to Oblivion"    CD     8,00 €     This time we will lead you in a journey through the negativity of life with DEATHROW. Walk through the gates of darkness and then die: cold, misanthropic, doom negative black metal, a totally uncompromised, monotonous and grim journey through the gates of darkness.. 12 pages booklet, limited to 1000 copies.
Decayed (POR) "Shadow - Land"    CD     6,00 €     Opening the celebrations of their 20th anniversary, BM veterans Decayed offer us this new release featuring 8 tracks of new material, remaining faithful to their trademark sound, obscure black n' roll. On top of that, the disc is completed by the addiction of the out-of-print cassete releases Ataque Infernal & Live 9/9/99, the same tracks that formed the Demon Blade LP, making this disc + 70mns of complete Decayed insanity. 
Decayed / Thugnor (POR) "Satanic Blast / At the gates..."    CD     9,00 €
Deep Desolation (POL) "Subliminal Visions"    CD     4,00 €  

Dethroned Christ (BRA) "Roots of Ancient Evil"    CD     6 €     Side project of the members of Evil (BRA) and Wargun of Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA).

Diabolical Principles (GRE)  "Beyond the Horizon"    CD     7,00 €     Greek black metal.

Dimidium Mei (POL) "Flames Of Hatred"    CD     5,00 €     Black metal from poland, member of Besatt, Mystes. Authentic, Primitive Oldschool Style Black metal!
Dunkelheit (HUN) "Mors Aeterna" CD   5 €   Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. Long awaited new album finally available.

Empty (SPA)  "The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair"    CD     9,00 €     """Empty was formed in 1995 in the glory days for Black Metal when Maligner and B. Sanety decided to make a band in order to satisfy their darkest musical feelings. After a long wandering in the underground in 2000 finally songs composed between 95-99 was put on the “Eternal Cycle of Decay” demo, and in 2001 ""A source of Hollow Essence""  their debut album was released, impressing for his monumental sombre atmosphere. No doubt that ""The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair"" is to be considered as the higher peak of the band with his amplification of the grey and depressive shadings but still remaining into the cold and sinister Black Metal feeling of the early days. Graveyards, nothing but Graveyards... Essential for those into Shining, early Forgotten Tomb, Beatrik. 12 pages booklet cd!
Enfeus Lodge (FRA) "Enfeus Lodge"    CD     6,00 €     Excellent epic and elitist black from France: new band of Hunferd (O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan (Seigneur Voland, KristallNacht, Blessed in Sin, Finis Gloria Dei).
Enshadowed    GRE    Dressed in Blood    cassLP     3,00 €     Live ritual, Intense and Hateful Black Metal like 90´s greek scene!

Enoid (SWI) "Suicidal Genocide"    CD     5,00 €    

Erhabenheit (GER) "Von Tempel zum Throne"    CD     9,00 €     Another killer project of Taaken (ODAL, BARASTIR, WOLFSSCHREI). Their first full length in CD version, released on 8th May 2007. Unpolished and bleak Black Metal.
Eschaton (GRE)  "Unshaken"    CD     6,00 €     Fucking old school melodic and hatred Black Metal in the old vein from this great Hellas band ! Limited to 1000 copies with 8 pages booklet.
Evil Incarnate (USA) "Waiting for His Return"    CD     9,00 €     After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST.   Embrace the Devil's music as EVIL INCARNATE lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!!!
Excruciate 666 (FRA) "Riding fires of hate"    CD     6,00 €     "Debut full-length, released in 2010. Brutal War Black Terror, with many influences from ABSU's ""The Sun of Tiphareth""!"
Extreme Deformity (HUN)  "Internal"    CD     6,00 €    Great death metal reminding a bit of old Dismember/Grave. This release comes with ""Internal"" album from 1993 and ""Demo 1992"" as bonus. Recommended!!

Faethon / Silent Dominion (GRE) "The Ancient Flame Burns Eternally"    CD     5,00 €     Limited to 500 copies.
Faghyamu (HUN) "Frostashes"    CD     6,00 €     After their acclaimed 7ep with Inferno (CZE), Faghyamu's debut CD is out now, with their cold and violent black/death metal. Limited to 500 copies.
Flagellum Dei (POR) "Under the might..."    CD     6,00 €     2nd assault from the mighty portuguese horde!
Flagellum Dei + Lux Ferre + Sterkvind (POR) "Kult of the Black Flame"    CD     9,00 €     Limited to 500 copies.
Funeral Fog (CAN) "Channelling Ancient Shadows"    CD     6,00 €     Second album... 7 songs of Pure Unholy Black Metal with the true cold northern atmosphere ala Darkthrone plus one ambient song.

Ghast (UK) "Terrible Cemetery"   MCD   5€   Black/Doom Metal http://youtu.be/mastScbJCIU

Gonfanon (FRA) "Call To Arms"    MCD     5,00 €

Grimfaug (BEL) "Blood Upon The Face Of Creation"    CD     9,00 €     Darkthrone worship, very occult sound! Re-release of their debut.
Grimlair (FRA) "Au Commencement de l´ombre"    CD    8,00 €     Another masterpiece from Grimlair, limited to 500 copies only!
Grimlair (FRA) "Self-Inflicted State"    CD     6,00 €     5th full-length.
Grisatre (FRA) "L'idée De Dieu"    Digi CD     9,00 €     First full lenght album for this bleaky french Ambient Black Metal act. Deluxe digipack CD.
Gromm (UKR) "Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism"    MCD     6,00 €     Primordial black metal. Limited to 100 copies.



Homselvareg (ITA) "Homselvareg + Bonus Tracks"    CD     7,00 €     "A sombre vision of nature meets the tradition of the Italian Alps. The myth of the Homselvareg, an atavist creature dwelling the Alps of the Northern Italian Folklore, is summoned by the merging of elegant and evocative acoustic passages and the raging fury of Black Metal, all transcended in the unstoppable forces of nature. The concept of this album has been shaped by visions occurred to its writer. Those who are into early Ulver , Windir and Enslaved will fit into this anti modern perspective. This album was previously released as a self production, short become a collector item in the underground, and now remastered features also three bonus tracks from Homselvareg´s demo." 12 pages booklet!
Hordagaard (NOR) "Made in Norway"    MCD     7,00 €     Latest release from Hordagaard.
HSN (FRA) "The Eye"    MCD     6,00 €     Pro CD Auto Production!! One Man Band! first act of Pure French Black Metal! Killer riffs with good atmosphere and melody ! for Old School lovers! 
Hunok + Ancestor's Blood (HUN/FIN)    Split    CD     6,00 €     Beautiful artwork, excellent epic ambient by Hunok, majestic black metal from Ancestor's Blood. Already a classic!! 

Hyperborean Forest (RUS) "Warriors of eternally cold land"   CD   5,00 €

Impious Havoc (FIN) "Maleficium"    CD     5,00 €     5th full-length.
Infernal (COL) + Ereshkigal (MEX) + Infernal Kingdom (POR) "Trilogy For Domination"    CD     8,00 €   
Inferno (CZE) "Duch slovanske sily"    CD     5,00 €     Re-edition... seven songs (plus intro & outro) of powerful, fast, raw & aggressive Black Metal without sweet clichés, based condense guitars, drifting drums and commanding grim vocals in the czech language.
Inferno + Tundra (CZE/ITA) "Infernal Belief"    CD     5,00 €    Intollerant Antihuman Black Metal versus Antitechnical Raw Black Metal Manifesto... ltd.1000!
Irae + Vermen (POR) "Odium Generis Humani"    CD     5,00 €     Split CD from 2009, limited to 500 copies.  


Kozeljnik (SER) "Null: The Acheron Of Mutiform Negation"    CD     5,00 €   Once again Kozeljnik delivers some of the bleakest black metal to express just how void and shallow are existence truly is. This is a natural progression from ""Deeper The Fall"" and also retains the bands trademark style. Features Niklas Kvarforth of Shining as guest. This release is over 35 minutes.  
Kraken Duumvirate (FIN) "From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea"    MCD     6,00 €     Unique morbid experimental black metal.

Lathspell (FIN) "Elegia"    Digi CD     9,00 €     Powerful black metal from Finland.
Legion of Doom (GRE) "The Desecration"    MCD     6,00 €     2002 MCD Re-release of the kult demo originally released in 1994. One of the best releases EVER on the black/death metal universe.

Les Chants de Nihil (FRA) "Ma Plus Douce Vermine"    Digi CD     8,00 €    3rd full-length. Luxurious digipack with great artwork + lyrics. Black/doom metal with a poisonous melancholic touch. Limited to 500 silvered handnumbered copies!
Lord Foul (BRA) "For the Supreme Satan's Hate and Glory of the Occult"    CD     5,00 €     Raw black metal from Brazil!

Lucifugum (UKR) "Stigma Egoism"    CD     8,00 €    
Lucifugum (UKR) "The Supreme Art Of Genocide"    Digi CD     8,00 €     11th cup of poison... Limited to 500 copies!
Lucifugum (UKR) "Sectane Satani"   CD     6,00 €

Lugubrum (BEL) "De Vette Cuecken"    CD     8,00 €     One of those all-time masterpieces... a unique horde!
Lycanthropy's Spell (BEL) "Forest of Misanthropy"    CD     6,00 €     LS songs across the whole LS discography, this first official release of Lycanthropy's Spell onto CD on Thor's Hammer Productions. This release is dedicated to the true Lycanthropy's Spell fans and Black Metallers alike. This unique style unique vocals of Black Metal that has Lycanthropic and depressing themes and atmospheres from Sarmak (RIP) and Inferis.74 minutes of true Black Metal from Sarmak and Inferis ranging across the old school style of Lycanthropy's Spell under influence of early 90's Black Metal and newer Misanthropic depressing Black Metal. For Moonblood fans, with ""Under the Cold Full Moon"" MOONBLOOD cover!!! MASTERPIECE!!!

Malveillance (CAN) "Consentir A L'absurde"    CD     6,00 €     2010 full-length.
Maniac Butcher (CZE) "Epitaph"    CD     8,00 €     6th opus.
Maras (MAC) "Raskol"     CDR     3,00 €     First full-length of the Macedonian pagan black metal horde. Profesionally printed booklet.
Marblebog / Draugurz (HUN/BRA) "Draugurz / Marblebog"    CD     9,00 €     2009 Tour de Garde edition, with one more track than the original version.

Misanthropic Triumph / Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "Breath of Deadly Silence"    CD     5,00 €     NSBM in the vein of Absurd vs RMC's unique War fuckin'metal!!
Moloch (UKR) "Blacker than darkness"    CD     5,00 €     The cult debut demo, on a professional CD edition.
Moravska Zima / Slavigrom (SVK)    Split    CD     5,00 €     Limited to 500 copies.
Morbid Funeral + Necrolisis + Paganus Doctrina (CRI) "Deathblast from the Center of Hell" CD 6,00€     Cold and primitive BM (M.F.) meets morbid Thrash Metal (Necrolisis) meets brutal and majestic Black/Death (P.D.). PAGANUS DOCTRINA will release their debut album in 2010 through Ashen Productions!
Morbosidad    (USA)  "Morbosidad / Cojete a Dios Por el Culo"  CD  9,00 €     This is not their new album but a collection of their first two albums on one CD. Over 60 minutes of Morboso Metal attack!!!
Morte    (ITA)    "Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence"    MCD     5,00 €     Fast and Violent punk BM attack!! Some resemblances with Malveillance's punk BM era or Akitsa in a little bit faster approach...

Mysticum    (NOR)   "Demons never sleep"    CD     5,00 €


Nadir (HUN) "The Sixth Extinction" CD   5,00 €

Nagaarum (HUN) "Homo Maleficus" CD   5,00 €

Nargothrond    (GRE)    "Doctrine of Lies"    CD     6,00 €     2nd full-length. Limited to 500.

Nartvind    (BEL)    "Under their ruin"    CD     6,00 €     "Until their Ruin"" was firstly a rehearsal demo and not an album. Painkiller Records helped the band by releasing this rehearsal on cd/lp formats. True underground feeling! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!"

Neftaraka (MAL) "Morts"    CD     5,00 €     Sophomore album from cult Malaysian legion - dead-icated to all Evil in Man! Experience black metal hatred and savagery!
Nenavist (BUL) "Nenavist"    CD     6,00 €     Nenavist is a vision of the disintegration of the Human, a burst of instinct, a work of isolation and loathing for the man-ruin and the pathetic world of ""progress"". Death. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 
Nocturnal Amentia (UKR) "Hec Regnum Meum Est"    CD     6,00 €    Satanic Ukrainian Black Metal. Hatred, disgust of humanity and its institutions are reinforced by Daemous voice on this album more than 40 minutes of vomit on weak humans. With Amorth I.M. on drums of ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK, ex-DRUDKH. On transparent jewelcase CD 8 tracks with 8 pages booklet. Limited to 1000 copies. 

Obeisance (USA) "Hellbent on slaughter"    CD     9,00 €     Songs from 3 demos + unlreleased material.
Obscure Anachronism (AUT) "Transcending Mundane Obstacles"    CD     6,00 €     Four tracks of trance-inducing Black Metal -performed with utmost passion and dedication - proclaming the despise to the ill-fated lives yet acknowledging the own succumb to the all-devouring  essence of deterioration. Transcending Mundane Obstacles isn´t a recording which offers an easy walkthrough (although the first  impressions might give an opposite feeling). To gain and reach the  very essence of Obscure Anachronism, one must be willing to give  his complete attention and concentration for TMO and it will not be  in vain. ""Finally even the ignorant and the blind have been capable to perceive the fire, which has been blazing behind the misty veil of time ever since the creation.""
Obskene Sonare (AUT) "Todnachten"    MCD     6,00 €     One year after the demo ""Wildes Blut"" here is the new album from these occult worshippers.  Strong, melancholic black metal, dedicated to death. Musically you can hear some references from Satanic Warmaster (""Strength and Honour""), Graveland (""Thousand Swords"") and sometimes Silencer and even Nargaroth, but of course OS has developed a sound of their own and doesn't sound like a copy at all! ""Todnachten"" is a concept album and has been recorded in the night of 20th April. Very well done artwork, the artists were really dedicated to details as the designed it. Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies.
Obskure Torture (DEN) "Nythra Death King"    CD     5,00 €     After three Raw Funeral/Death Doom releases, Obskure Torture comes with a whole different sound. The Mad Butcher (sole musician from Obskure Torture) describes the music like: “Septenary Satanic Dark Ambient/Noise with a distinct Ritualistic touch”. The album contains two Chapters with a total length of over 45 minutes and will mark the end of Obskure Torture.

Oskal (RUS) "Stahlkrieg / Blazes Of Sunset"    CD     5,00 €  

Primigenium (SPA) "Intolerance"    CD     9,00 €     The last masterpiece of this kult horde.Profundis Tenebrarum (SPA) "Hate Decade"    CD     5,00 €    Limited to 500 copies. A walk through the history of this band in 45 minutes, 9 songs, wich includes their first three demos: ""Traumatic Soul Coronation"", ""Abhorrent Christendom"" and ""Dark & Eternal"".
Propaganda (ITA) "Corri Alle Armi..."    MCD     6,00 €     NSBM from Italy. After their ""hard to find"" demos, the first CD, limited o 500 copies.

Rabenschrei + Wolfssang (GER)    Split    CD     9,00 €     Luxurious booklet edition with these two mighty German NSBM hordes.
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "Sob a Bandeira do Ódio e da Arrogância    CD     6,00 €
Remirath (SVK) "Shambhala Vril Saucers" DIGI CD  9,00 €   http://remmirath.bandcamp.com/
Rotem (POR) "Dehumanization"   CD   6,00 €   One man band's Rotem debut album, "Dehumanization" is clearly an ode to mankind ability to destroy themselves, here in the most raw Death Metal, with some progressive elements. Includes Celtic Frost cover.


Sacrilegium (POL) "Embrace the darkness"    CD     5,00 €     Compilation from this pagan black metal band.

Satanic Holocaust (GER) "Raw Black Metal Holocaust"    CD     5,00 €     The name says it all... rawness attack with killer riffs!
Satanize (POR) "Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem"    CD     6,00 €     These possessed vanguards of southern Europe's underground spit their hatred in typical old fashioned style. This album is a thrilling quest to ultimate darkness. 500 handnumbered copies only!
Sentimen Beltza (SPA) "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea"    CD     6,00 €     Expect some mid-paced black metal with great melodies. Pure music from the mountains covered in fog.
Shroud (SPA) "Chamber of suicide"    MCD     8,00 €     Cold Black Metal in the true early 90´s vein. Featuring Smaug of Primigenium and Asath of Beelzeb! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Shub Niggurath (MEX) "Horror Creatures"    CD     5,00 €     The classic death metal demons! American Line Records re-release in 2006, with 3 bonus: a total of 17 rare tracks from demo tapes, eps and kive shows.
Sigillum Diabolicum (FRA) "Chroniques De L'infamie"    CD     6,00 €     Seven Songs of Pure Hateful Agressive Black Metal with tons of Melancholy Hatred and Insanity! Awesome Riffs, Strong Vocals, Bombastic Drum! Started in 2002 by Lukter..... Ulfengard/Nemossos ect.... CD Ltd to 300 Copies . Coloured Layout.
Skon (SVK) "... At the end of a journey"    MCD     5,00 €     ""... At the end of a journey"" could be the album released by KATATONIA between ""Brave murder's day"" and ""Discouraged ones"". If you are a hard fan of these albums, you can't loose this SKON's debut.
Slavia (NOR) "Strength and vision"    Digi CD     9,00 €     One of the revelations of 2007.

Szarlem (GER) "Night of Blood"    CD     5,00 €    Formed in 2006 ayps and having released a Demo and one EP, SZARLEM cast their spells under the wings of NYKTA. This album was originally to be a FRONTBEAST release. Evil Heavy Black Metal from Germany which captures the early 90s feeling in a primitive and natural way that few can perform today. Occult atmosphere combined with raw production in 40 min. of abyssic invocations against the false light. SZARLEM calls you for a "Night of Blood" and there are 600 invitations only available.

Temnohor (SVK) "The pride of Carpathian Forests"   CD     5,00 €     Pýcha lesov Karpatských (The pride of Carpathian forests) - Dare yourself into a journey through deep and forgotten woods, under the shadow of the horns...  Unique sound with slight influences of old Root and old Darkthrone. This is Old-school Black metal without nowadays pop influences. If you expect a new and modern sound don't waste your time here... If not, you know what to do: GET IT OR DIE!! Limited to 500 copies. Egg of Nihilism Productions.
Terrorama (SWE) "Horrid efface"    CD     8,00 €     The long awaited debut full-length, after their 3 demos.Thallium (BRA) "Armanenschaft"    CD     9,00 €     2nd full-length.
The Call (FRA) "The call"    MCD     7,00 €     Pagan BM in the same vein of ODAL
The Last Knell (CHI) "Vmbra Genesis"    CD     5,00 €     Black Metal from Chile. Member of Animus Mortis. Chaotic and Dynamic Black Metal. Limited 666 copies!!! Recommended for fans of Deathspell Omega.
The Last Twilight (SPA) "Eternal Tribulation"    MCD     5,00 €     Limited to 500.

The Last Twilight / Profundis Tenebrarum (SPA) "Hell Bestial Conjuration"    CD     5,00 €     Split 2007 of these two extreme hordes!

The True Endless (ITA) "An year in black"    CD     5,00 €    On this CD the band presents 9 tracks captured on Equinoxes and Solstices rituals preformed during the years of 2005/2006. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Titkolt Ellenállás (HUN) "Mindent Vissza!/Forró a Leveg"    CD     5,00 €     The band's first two re-mixed demos can now be heard on CD format.Todesstoss (GER) "Selbstentleibung - Der Annäberung erster Teil"    MCD     5,00 €     Raw, bleak and inanimated Black Metal. The newest Todesstoss mcd gives you one speech track accompanied with one lenghty mid-paced instrumental song.
Tundra (ITA) "Primordial"    CD     5,00 €    Second album... Antitechnical Raw Black Metal Manifesto!
Tyrants (AUT) "Black Metal Warfare"    CD     5,00 €     Traditional austrian Black Metal.

Ulvdalir (RUS) "Flames once lost"    CD     6,00 €     Traditional Black Metal, cold hateful and grim.
Unfit Ass (HUN) "Absurd Reality / Flagging Water"    CD     6,00 €     Compilation CD released in 2011 with the 2 demos from '91 and '92 of this Hungarian kult death metal band.
Unholy Kill (CZE) "Svatyne smrti"    CD     5,00 €     "Debut... first Czech unsophisticated
True Unholy Black Metal horde!!! must for all fans of Darkthrone´s Kult. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!"

V/A "Fantomania II"    CD     5,00 €     FANTOM was a cult Hungarian Thrash/Black band who existed in the late eighties. Fantomania is the tribute. Five bands on this CD playing some self sogs and Fantom covers.
V/A "Lightning over the burning church"    CD     6,00 €     The first official underground moonblood tribute: 12 traks dedicated to this legendary German cult black metal band. Limited to 500 copies.
Veldraveth (VEN) "Undefined God"    CD     5,00 €     Debut full-length: True underground feeling with an awesome raw production.
Verderben (GER) "Vernichtung und Vergeltung"    CD     5,00 €     Painful but redeeming, the cold razor opens slowly your skin. Despair and deep emotionless loneliness covers the thoughts... VERDERBEN presents the listener with their first album a immense dark and life-denying atmosphere. Nihilistic profound messages are welling from the wounds and link together with cold, incisive riffs into a remarkable work. Born from suicidal dreams and abyssal- misanthropic hate, VERDERBEN convince from begin till end. Humanity, religion and tollerance are killed mercilessly by negativity. Visions full of pain and torture who introduce the downfall... Limited to 1000 copies.
Vermeth (FRA) "Suicide Or Be Killed!"    CD     6,00 €     2nd album of this project of the Torgeist member.
Via Dolorosa (ITA) "Discipline and Ironfist: Ten years of Tiranny"    CD     6,00 €     Ten years collection CD from this unique NS italian horde: their first release in pro-cd!! Comes with a VIA DOLOROSA sticker!!
Volh (RUS) "Solemn march into the Ragnarock"    CD     5,00 €     A brand new work from VOLKOLAK's camp. A side project of 2 members of the one of the most famous Folk rock acts hailing from Russia. 40 minutes of hatefull and furious pagan metal attack, musically best compeared to Hate forest with very few folk touches. Add extreme and radical content and you'll get VOLH: cold, blazing and sharp as a sword...

War (POL) "Holy War"    CD     5,00 €     WAR is a veteran polish BM band with a cold, fast, raw and reeking with grimness sound, which is entirely unique. Their music is sort of “epic”, but there are no keyboards. It’s 100% raw instruments, and performed very well, with superb vocals. Limited to 999 handnumbered copies!!
War (POL) "Insanity of faith"    CD     5,00 €     Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies!
War for War (CZE) "War Is The Only Way"    CD     5,00 €     Debut... uncompromising fast and raw satanic War Panzer Back Metal for fans of Marduk, Setherial etc... horde of Morbivod from Stiny Plamenu, Trollech... incl. coversong of Siebenbürgen plus divx video.
War Pestilence (ARG) "Godsfuck Black Attack"    CD     2,00 €     Totally perverted black/death metal from Argentina. For fans of IMPIETY!

Wargrinder (GRE) "Tank Tread Doctrine" CD   5,00 €

West Wall (USA) "Blitzkrieg Symphony #1"    CD     9,00 €     This is the first album from West Wall, an American band playing WWII-themed death metal. "Blitzkrieg Symphony #1" has a convincingly tank-like sound, rumbling and rattling, with extra emphasis on the low-end. The production is relatively clear, allowing the listener to pick out each detail in the drumming, lead guitar work, and vocals. The latter are growled, but perfectly understandable, and combine with the clever lyrics and rousing choruses to make this a great shout-along album.
This band features Ed from Bound For Glory, and the songs here are a lot like the history-based songs from "Behold the Iron Cross", combined with equal amounts of Bolt Thrower and Destroyer 666. The result is a paean to triumph, militarism, and WWII-era Germany, embodied in an ideal mix of epic death metal with hints of RAC/crossover. "Panzer Voran" and "Bloody Road to Karkov" are crushing, anthemic death metal tracks, while "Iron Fist" and "Over the Maginot" are a heavy metal braggart's dream. "Blitzkrieg Symphony" and "The Many Rivers I've Crossed" spearhead a violent, headbanging assault, one that should be amazing live. And then there's "Peiper's Last Stand" and "Titans' March", two of the best epic death metal songs since "Genesis to Genocide" -- simply perfect, deeply steeped in emotion and power.
The Nazi history theme is blatantly obvious, and will probably turn off a lot of potential listeners, but those willing to give this one a try will be amply rewarded. This is one of the best death metal albums I've ever heard; every moment of every song is astoundingly heavy, with catchy hooks strung through like loops of razor wire. This one is worthy of a place on my metal altar, right next to mid-paced classics like Bolt Thrower - "...For Victory", Asphyx - "The Rack", and Destroyer 666 - "Unchain the Wolves". "Blitzkrieg Symphony #1" gets my highest recommendations!

Wewelsburg (RUS) "Ultima Intolerance"    CD     8,00 €     Raw and Harsh Hate metal. 2nd full length album. 12 pages booklet.

White Medal (UK) "Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal" CD 5 €
Wilkolak (POL) "The Blasphemous Scarlet"    CD     5,00 €     Excellent Pagan BM. Side project of the vocalist of Gontyna Kry and Barbarus Pomerania.
Winterblood (ITA) "Incantazione"    CD     4,00 €     Pure Dark Black Ambient for a total of 40 min. Ltd to 500 copies
Wojnar (POL) "Jam Synem Orlim Jest na Wieki!"    CD     6,00 €     CD version of their early demo from 1998: ambient black metal at its best! 
Wolfsblut (GER) "Seelenqual, Legion Wolfsblut"    CD     6,00 €     Pure Underground Raw Hasserfüllter Deutscher True Black Metal, Album/2006 SEELENQUAL + LEGION WOLFSBLUT demo 2004 Bonus. Traditional German Black Metal with many killer riffs and Hateful Ugly Vocals and Mid-Tempo B.M., influenced by bands like Judas Iscariot/Vargsang/Graven/Darkthrone/Svartkraft/Pest(Ger): for all the fans of the Germans 90ies Black Metal bands Lovers! Wendul is also behind Runenthor, Desecrator, Nebelwahn, AngstKammer, Feldhaubitze, and many more.... as one man band! Wolfsblut is an ice cold tribute to the Glorious 90’s Germans Black Metal Bands!
Wolfslair (DNK) "Ateulv"    MCD     5.5     Raw and brutal Black War Metal from Denmark.
Wolfsschrei (GER) "Demons of my inner self"    CD     6,00 €     Wolfsschrei strikes back with the second full-length album. Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early 90ies mark this grim attack of German Black Metal.

Zahrim (DNK) "Liber Compendium Diabolicum (The Genesis of Enki)"    CD     6,00 €     Traditional Black Metal from Denmark, frenzy and morbid coldness! Expect harsh grim mastery with eerie keyboards in the vein of early Emperor. CD compilation of Ia Zagasthenu MLP and the long sold out well done demo tapes on one CD.
Zelfhaat (NED) "Van Jammerklacht en Wanhoopsgeschrei"    CD     5,00 €     Suicidal Black Metal from the Netherlands. This release marked the beginning of the band Zelfhaat. The band released this album in limited tape format in 2007, but the this edition is now long sold-out. This album features 7 tracks, with Dutch lyrics showing the bands self-hatred and total despise for human life. Bandmembers are also involved in projects like Hell Icon, Funeral Goat and Abysmal Darkening.
Zinumm (SPA) "Zinumm"    CD     7.5 €    Limited to only 350 hand-numbered copies, Z I N V M M suggest us a voyage of discovery of the arcane and forgotten knowledge of our ancestors over a black metal influenced by the founding bands, from Bathory and Burzum to Darkthrone or Ulver, with a really evident European folk touches moving them closer to Helrunar or Empyrium, emphasizing with the use of Old Gaelic on lyrics and traditional instruments such as the Zanfona...

Zwartplaag (HOL) "Haatstorm"    CD     6,00 €     Band With Huge Balls !! High Caliber Music, truly one of Nowdays strongest Black Metal Horde , after their excellent and Amazing Demos , their bring us more complex tracks yet with their personal atmosphere ! Frozen Unholy Agressive and melodic riffs Piercing vocal performance and dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong . Zwartplaag is not a project that is taking its first step into the Black Metal realm , this project has been lurking deep underground for a long time and this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Mighty Black Metal underground Scene has to offer US ! A pure Masterpiece / 2010 Gift !

Aboriorth (SPA) "The Mystical and Tortuous Way Towards the Death"  7EP     6,00 €     2 new themes of their unique grievous black metal in this vinyl Ep. Limited to 500 copies.
Aigro Mucifelam (FRA) "Lost Sounds Depraved"  Gate LP     12,00 €     First album from this obscure French project led as sole member by Maleficum Orgia, drummer/vocalist. Harsh, relentless and addictive Black Metal. Inexorable pounding and grazed screams for a hallucinatory march. An endless dreadful fall into the deepest darkness. A depraved journey for lost souls.

Cryptic Wanderings / In The Shades (SPA) "Split" 7EP   5,5 €
Limited to 500 copies.

Defuntos (POR) "Um Sofrimento Distante..."    7EP     5,00 €     "2 new songs from DEFUNTOS, inspired in Suffering, Death and Suicide. The sound remains always the same, their mark upon the future... Slow funeral drums, anguish vocals that sings in solitude, and melodies about the cursed past (obliged, oblivious and never forgotten), can be found in ""Sofrimento Distante"" as a monument of sadness. Comes with a pro-printed insert with lyrics. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies!"

Demonic Cremator (SCO)  "My Dying Breath..."    7EP     5.5     Demonic Cremator is the Scottish Black Metal band playing cold and raw kind of BM for those who are into the Second Wave of Scandinavian Black Metal.

Infernal + Thy Antichrist (COL) "Human Pandemonium / Escupiendo las Cenizas de Cristo"    Gate LP     12,00 €     True Colombian Black Metal, for real satanic souls, featuring exclusive hymns to Satan. Here is the tale of the profane communion between two anathemic bands that wrote with the heresy of their music the most dreadful testimony of Colombian Black Metal… Open the doors of your inferno and enjoy this bewitching masterpiece that finally comes out of the deepest South American black cauldron. Incredible sound and artwork. Gatefold cover. The Infernal side is their best work in years... Limited to 500 handumbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!

Pagan Heritage / Sombre Labyrinthe (IRE/BEL) "Hymns of suicide"    LP     12,00 €     Emotional pagan black metal vs raw kathaarian black metal. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

Pyrifleyethon / Imperial Darkness (GRE) "Havoc's Split Asunder"    7EP     5,00 €     Killer BM from Hellas! Limited to 500.

Riddle of Meander / Warmarch (GRE/SVK) "Into the Black Thrones of Sitra Ahra"    7EP     6,00 €     Unique alchemy, unique congregation, unique message... and limited only to 200 souls.

Tormentress (SIN) "Thrashing Disorder"    7EP     6,00 €     Heavy Picture Vinyl! Great thrashing metal from Singapure...Aaaarrrgghh... Maniac thrashing girls rocking. Yeah! Lim. 400 only - includes folded 2-sided insert.

Tzelmoth (COL) "Nefario ritual..."    7EP     6,00 €     7" EP limited to 400 copies, gatefold black vinyl, A3 poster.

Uncreation + Necro (ITA) "Trapped into (Self) Destruction"    7EP     5.5 €    Real old-school death metal! Limited To 500 Copies On Black Vinyl!!! Comes With a Full Colored Cover, 2 sides Black/Red Extra Insert & Killer obsessive Artwork! 

V/A "Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. III"    7EP     5,00 €     featuring: Violent Attack (Par.), Disaster (Chile), Crimson Steel (Ger.) & Crucifier (Gre.). Limited to 1000 copies.

Vorkuta / Kratornas (HUN/PHI)   Monoliths of Annihilation    7EP     5,00 €    Both bands deliver brand new tracks exclusive to this release. VORKUTA's side of the split shows the thrashier side of the band mixed with its trademark black metal approach found on the group's "Into the Chasms of Lunacy" album. KRATORNAS carries on in its chaotic brand of black death metal along the lines of old MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN and early SLAYER. Limited to 300 copies.

Vulturine +  Enshadowed (BRA) "The epitome of neverending evil"    7EP     5.5 €    The Epitome of Neverending Evil's Hellenic Brazilian Alliance. Split ep lim. 300 handnumbered copies only. Hardpaper gatefold. 


Abject 666 (FRA) "Reign of Agony"   Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Raw, putrid and minimalist Black Metal from France. For Fans of old BEHERIT, ZARACH BAAL THARAGH, ILDJARN and so... Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.
Abject 666 (FRA) Vile devotion    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Raw, putrid and minimalist Black Metal from France. For Fans of old BEHERIT, ZARACH BAAL THARAGH, ILDJARN and co...
Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork."
Aboriorth (SPA) "Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague" cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 166 handnumbered copies.
Aboriorth / Dhaubgurz (SPA) "The Deepest Pain Of Mankind Turns Death"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Split Tape of these two killer spanish hordes! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Aboriorth + Balmog (SPA)  "Split"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Split'2009 from two of the best Spanish hordes. Limited to 500 copies.
Absentia Lunae (ITA) "Marching upon forgotten ashes"  Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut release. Modern middle age of terror.

Abyssum (GUA) "Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore" MC   3,5 €
"Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore", those infected emanations which sprout from this work, defined theirselves as Nekrospiritual Raw Metal in total cult of the scorching and embracing darkness of a world which is more complex than what a common human can fully understand, and a reality which goes far beyond a "normal" comprehension. Our reality is different, and our obscure Art leads, redefining  our ways and sustaining the forefront of what is for us an experience of life itself. This album was composed to present the musical levels we´re experiencing, mixing all that we consider to be worth of featuring in what we call a different form of expression, ABYSSUM. Tape limited to 111 handnumbered copies. Released on February 2015.
Acceptus Noctifer (POR) "Spectral thorns of misfortune"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Melodic and emotional fast black metal. Limited to 200 copies.
Acheron (USA) "Anti-God, Anti-Christ" cassLP     3,00 €     Black/Death Metal perfection, originally released back in 1996. Official cassette version limited to 300 copies.
Acheron (USA) "Lex Talionis" cassLP     3,00 €     Satanic Death Metal act from 1992. Official cassette version limited to 300 copies.
Acheron (USA)    Satanic victory    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brutal Satanic Black / Death Metal with ripping melodies to fuck with your head. Official cassette version limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Acheron (USA) "Those who have risen" cassLP     3,00 €     Excellent Death / Black Metal from this infamous Florida band. Official cassette version limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Acheron (USA) "Tribute to the Devil's Music"    cassLP     3,00 €     This is a compilation of every studio recorded cover song the band has ever done. The songs range from classic black metal (Venom and Bathory) to classic heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest). Official cassette version limited to 300 copies
Acrostic (CHI) "Kids playing thrash"    cassLP     3,00 €    Old school thrash metal
Actum Inferni (POL) "Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi" Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo. Released in 2009 and limited to 333 handnumbered pieces.
Actum Inferni (POL) "The embodiment of death" MC   3,5 €
First album of this satanist madness from Poland with a dark, obscure, agressive, melancholic and evil atmosphere. One of the best underground satanist Black Metal albums of 2011.

Adragard (ITA) "Neverending Nero Void"   Demo Tape     3,00 €     After nearly 11 years this black pair is back. Their latest effort is in the spirit of pure underground black metal. The band describes their creations as Luciferian's chaos. Tape with golden cover!
AEIOU ((RUS) "F.H.T."    cassLP     3,00 €     Side project of Wewelsburg. Aggressive, loud, yet melodic supreme aryanism chants!
Aesir (ARG) "El llamado de nuestra sangre"  MC     3,00 €     Radical Black Metal from Argentina... compialtion tape including tracks selected from all 3 demos. Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 288 hand-numbered copies.
Aesir (ARG) "Final Holocaust" MC     3,00 €     Debut full-length. Sword Productions release, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Aesir (ARG)  "Herencia blanca"    MC     3,00 €     Sword Procuctions release, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Aetheres / Alone In Mourning (POL)  "Fires in darkness"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan Dark Metal vs Dark Elektro Black Metal (old tracks).
Afflictis Lentae (FRA) "Chaos fire hate"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True french Black Metal.
Age of Agony (HUN) "Years of War and Hate"   cassLP     3,50 €     Agressive and devastating War Death Metal Militia!! Collectional tape of this old school machinery of hatred, containing their last two albums and the songs from their only split!
Age of Agony (HUN) "Death Metal Artillery"   MC     3,50 €
Agmen (CZE)    Tartarus    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Debut release of Agmen, and the best ever! Dark, raw black metal. Maniac Butcher/Dark Storm members.
Aggravated Assault "It could happen to you!"   MC   4 €
Limited to 100 copies.

Alcoholic bastards of Hell (COL)  "s/t"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Excellent raw heavy metal from Columbia! European release for their 2008 demo. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies, with xeroxed yellow cover. 
Alcoholoic Force (COL) "Alcohol of Satan" MC   3,00 €

Algor (SVK) "Uder Pohanskeho Hnevu"    cassLP     3,00 €    ""The Strike of Pagan Wrath" - Slavonic pride in its best!
Algor / Ruin of Hedonism (SVK) "s/t"    MC     3.5 €    Raw black metal from Slovakia
Amenofis (PUR)  "Wretched soul desertion"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Misanthropic and depressive audio sicknes with some doom tunesin the vein of Peste Noire, Xasthur and Burzum with hysterical vocals and agonizing screams, this band from Puerto Rico offers true abbysic Black Metal. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Amputator (USA) "Bloodvomit Fistfuck"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 222 copies.
Anatolian Wisdom (CAN)   "Where the Iblis Dwells"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Ancestors (USA)  "Ancestors"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This demo has perfect sound, very noisy. Fans of Bone Awl and Ildjarn will like this a lot. It is in the minimalistic style.
Ancestors (USA) "Ancestors II"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Powerful, raw and devastating primitive Black Metal.
Ancestors Blood (FIN) "Forgotten times"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Without any doubt this is their best recording, surpassing all previous tapes regarding songwriting, sound and originality. Highly epic, melodic and atmospheric black metal, reminding a bit of old Norwegian black metal, but the material has become so good that it doesn't need comparisons. Six songs, almost half an hour of mists of thoughts and the warcries of an warrior.

Angel's Decay (SVK) "Odiumspace"   cassLP   3,50€   Originally released in 2003, this album is a true masterpiece of old school brutal death metal. Pro-tape + covers + stickers. This edition has their demo "Victims of Belief" as bonus on side B. Limited and handnumbered. Released on October 2017.
Animus Mortis / Empty (SPA) "Invocations from the innominate void"   4 €
Originally forged in black gold, the union of these two heralds of negativity emerges from the depths of the abyss once more. Two agonizing hymns per band, this time presented in professional tape. Limited to 100 copies. 
Ankhagram (RUS)  "Reankharnation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Melodic Dark/Doom metal.
Anno Domini Mortus (NZE)  "s/t"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Grim Black from New-Zealand! 26 min of pure Darkness and Chaos. Tape limited to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.

Anti-Flesh (GRE) "With Knowledge and 1000 Needles" MC   3,50 €  

Antiphrasis (GER) "Unbekanntes Nichts"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Re-release of their demo from 2000. Limited to 200 copies.

Anthro Halaust (UKR) "Necromentia / Hec Regnum Meum Est" MC   3,50 €

Aquelarre (BRA) "Chamas"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo from 2002: Fast symphonic grim black metal.
Aquer (CHI)  "Athanatos"    cassLP     3,00 €     Total Raw Deathstruction Blackness Metal, only for fucking Goat's warriors!
Area Bombardment (IRE) "Carpet Bombing"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Area Bombardment is not music. This is audio terror! Experimental and militant ambient/noise from Ireland. This is the sound of total war!!

Arkenstone (POR) "Hymns to our fatherland"    cassLP     3,00 €     Second album of this lusitanian pagan horde. Unique battle sound and atmosphere, cold and raw pagan black metal.
Arkona (POL) "Bogowie zapomnienia"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Legendary 1st demo + session bonus, legendary pagan Black Metal band from Poland.
Arkona (POL) "Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes"    cassLP     3,00 €     The total underground presentment of very fast, destructive Slavonic misanthropic Black Metal, being full of aggression and freezing sound. TRVE KULT!!!
Arkona (POL) "An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz"    MC     3,00 €    TRVE KULT!!!

Arkona (POL) "Lunaris" MC   3,50 €

Arkonian (MAC) "Arkonian resurection"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Folk Black metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Armaggedon (FRA) "Ave Satan"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw antihuman Black Metal, limited to 250 copies.
Arma Christi (POL) "R.I.P."   MC   3,00 €
Arma Christi (POL) "Egocentric oblivion"   MC   3,00 €

Armed Death (GRE)  "Return 1991-93...2006..."    cassLP     3,00 €     Contais 3 new tracks, both demos plus 1 cover and 1 unreleased track from the old days! Old Rotting Christ worship!! Limited to 666 copies.
Ars Inferi (MEX) "I am one with the night"    cassLP     3,00 €     This horde from Mexico offers a masterpiece of pure Black Metal terrorism with raw and total necro sound. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Ars Macabra (ITA)  "Iter in obscuritates mentis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brutal Black Metal from Italy. Debut demo, from 1999.
Ars Macabra / Cosmic Ekpyrosis (ITA/GRE)  "Nil Sine Deo"    CD     6,00 €    Two ancient spiritual Black Metal scenes joined in this conspiracy project. Two unique and strong underground forces to bring old values back! Primordial Black Metal hammering without compromise, without fashion and surely without light! A split release with deep background and connection!

Ars Veneficium (BEL) "The Abyss / Live Recordings" MC   3,00 €

Arsonist Lodge  (FIN)  "Perkele, Antikristus ja väärä profeetta"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Churchburning Black Metal! The arsonists are back and continue even darker than on the ""Lihaa Pedolle"" EP.
Arthur    "Pagan sun's fire"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pagan ambient music.

Aryan Art (BUL) "... I BEREM PLODOVETE NA NASHETO NEHAYSTVO"   cassLP     3,00 €     New album of this well-know horde from Bulgaria. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies...
Aryan Kampf 88 (BEL) "Acht Und Achtzig" Tape (Wolcnum Records)   3,5 €
Aryan Triumph (SVK)  "Forging An Iron Will"    cassLP     3,00 €     Demo + split material + compilation track. Raw, aggressive and intense cold NS war black metal. Pro-cover. 10 tracks. 
Ash Pool (USA)  "Genital tomb"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Malicious Black Metal straight from nowhere, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Ashtoreth Incesti  (BEL)  "Hypnagogic Hallucinations"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Ashtoreth incesti brings you misanthropic but philosophical songs with a desolated atmosphere. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Aske (FIN) "Saatan Legio/Goatfuck"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pure Satan worshipping black metal, this tape drips of goatblood and semen! Coming from Finland and started out in the early 90s by Behemoth (Norns/Vornat), Aske plays old-school nordic, raw and dedicated black metal. This tape compiles 2 of their demo's, 'Saatan Legio' and 'Goatfuck', totalling 9 tracks including a Slayer cover. Join the cult and praise the Goat! Limited to 166 copies.
Astre Macabre / Viriakh (BEL)   "Sabbat Neurasténique"    MC     3,00 €     The brilliant split of the prior projects of SOMBRE LABYRINTHE and DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION.Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Astrofaes   (UKR) "Idea. Form. Essence"    cassLP     3,00 €     Mighty Aryan Black Metal from this kult horde.
Astrofaes (UKR) "The attraction: Heavens and Earth"""    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The kult demo, with a high quality pro cover!
Astrofaes (UKR)  "Those whose past is immortal"    cassLP     3,00 €     Legends of Ukrainian heathen scene.

Atavisma (FRA) "Where wolves once dwelled" MC   3,5 €
Obscure death doom.

Atrabilis / Negativa (SPA) "MMXIV" MC   4 €
Limited to 100 copies.

Aufkrema  (CAN)    Rehearsals 2002-2003    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Instrumental Black Metal improvisation.
Austere / Isolation (AUS/GER) "Bleak"   MC   3,5 €   Folterkammer edition.
Austere / Lyrinx (AUS/UK) "Only the wind remembers / Ending the circle of life"   Demo Tape    3,00 €    Dark misery / Hypnotic black metal. 
Austere / Isolation (AUS/GER) "Bleak"   MC   3,5 €
Averno (ITA) "Antilife Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo from 2006.
Avernum (SPA) "The nihilist revelations"    cassLP     3,00 €   Compilation of more than 10 years of Avernum, with the rawest songs, only Grim Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Aversio Humanitatis (SPA)  "Abandonment Ritual"    cassLP     3.5     New blasphemy with Lugubre (Eterna Penumbra), now with a more complex and introspective style, yet with all the hatred & violence from the previous project. White is paleness, white is the colour of death - start your abandonment ritual! Limited to 250 handnumbered copies, pro-cover and both-sided pro-stickers.

Baal Zebuth (RUS)  "We are Sathanas"    cassLP     3,00 €     Second opus from South-Russia Blasphemers. Essential Black Metal in it's purest form. Pro glossy cover with pro stickers. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Bagatur / Symbiosis / Hrefnesholt  "United by Heathen Blood"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw and cold emotional pagan black metal vs. cold and dark dreamy ambient vs. epic and ritual pagan battle ambient black metal. Pro-cover. 8 tracks - 30 min.
Baise ma hache (FRA)  "Ab origine fidelis"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut full-length. Their music could be compared to MONARQUE, FORTERESS, without lossing their own identity. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Barback (FRA) "Skullgrave"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old school raw hate Death Metal. 

Barshasketh (NZE) "Sitra Achra" MC   3,00 €

Battlecry (USA) "Today Belongs To Us"    MC     5,00 €     Tape version of the 3rd album from this great US heavy metal band. Intelligent lyrics and outstanding riffs. Very limited edition.
Beelzeebuth (BRA) "Monograma 666"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Satanic black metal. 5 speed hymns full of philosophy.
Befoul (NOR) "At the devil's mass"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Here we have a brand spanking new project from none other than the mad Norwegian behind Unholy Crucifix. This project is not much of a stretch from UC. So if you are a fan of his material then this will probably be to your taste. This is a bit slower than UC but this recording along with the new UC is more lo-fi that Morbid Edifice was. A new blasphemous beast is born....

Beleth / Shining Abyss (POL)  "Sacrifice for Black Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Split tape of Polish Satan’s riders. Obscure possessed Black metal hate.
Beleth / Thanathron (POL) "Voice of Inferno"    cassLP     3,00 €     Split with 2 satanic Black Metal bands.
Beleth + Moontower (POL)  "Bestial Holocaust"   MC     3,00 €     Good black metal from Poland. Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Beltain (SPA) "Rehearsal MMXI"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black Metal in the vein of early Scandinavian bands.Limited to 150 handnumbered copies. Ancient Order release.
Bersatott (GER) "Prepare for war"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old style black metal, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Besatt  (POL) "Black Mass"    cassLP     3,00 €     8 hymns of pure hatred and blasphemy! Mad Satanic Ritual! Cover of BURZUM, not included on the cd version! Limited to 333 pieces.
Besiect (NED)  "Heidenlorm"    MC     3,00 €     Old school rough and primitive black metal like Fimbulwinter, old Gorgoroth, Trelldom demo. Pre-Krocht, though not quite so melodic as Krocht went to be. Besiect was also vocalist on the first Krocht demo.
Bestial (RUS) "Bestial control"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw satanic black/thrash metal.
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)  "Final Exterminacion"    cassLP     3,00 €     Bolivian underground holocaust attack! Bestial thrash/black/death in the south american vein. Tape version with 2 bonus tracks.
Bethor (SER) "Demogorgon"    cassLP     3,00 €   First full-length release of this Serbian cult act. Abnormally Black Metal with ill sounding & dark Athmosphere. Reminds often to VON's legendary ""Satanic Blood"" demo.
Bethor / Moloch  (GRE/GER) "Bethor / Moloch"    cassLP     3,00 €     Moloch with 6 hymns of pure suicidal fucking noise + Blasphemy cover / Bethor: 5 chants of crawling memerizing black/death metal madness.
Bewitched (CHI) "DragonFlight"    cassLP     3,00 €    Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 1997. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Bewitched  (CHI)  "Hibernum Perpetuum"    cassLP     3,00 €     Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 1996. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Bewitched (CHI)  "Selfconfidence"  cassLP     3,00 €     Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 2005. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Bewitched (CHI)  "Unveiling Zion: Mother's Return"    cassLP     3,00 €   Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 2003. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Bilskirnir / Evil (GER/BRA)  "German-southern brotherhood"    cassLP     3,00 €     Regular version. 350 handnumbered copies.
Black Altar (POL) "Death Fanatism"    cassLP     3,00 €     Horror black metal. B/W pro-cover, both-sided pro-stickers, lim. 666.
Black Angel (PER) "Beyond from beyond"  cassLP     3,00 €     Legendary Black Metal from Peru. 10 new tracks of Raw, Satanic, and Merciless South-American Fxxkin' Black Metal.
Black Angel (PER) "From The Darkness"    cassLP     3,00 €   Nine satanic and blasphemous hymns of the rawest black metal from the old south american school. Debut full-length since 1988. Worship the Goat!!

Black Arts (HUN)  "Killer Satanic Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 € 
Black Autumn    (GER)    "Nihil"    Demo Tape   3,00 €  Black Autumn's second demo re-released by Insikt Prod.. Depressing, nihilist Black Metal.
Black Candle    (LUX)    "Nightfire"    cassLP     3,00 €     First album of Luxembourg Devils on tape! True and devoted Black Metal Art. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.Black Hate    (MEX)    "Depression World"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Five songs of total negativity. Limited only to 50 handnumbered copies!
Black Misanthropy    (BRA)    "Força, Ódio e Honra"    Demo Tape     3,00 €
Black Silence    (AUS)    "Into the nightless depths"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw, cold and utterly dark black metal!
Blackdeath    (RUS)    "Fanatical"    MC     3,00 €    Once more their old stuff was re-released by Heidens Hart. The rehearsal tape 'Fanatical', previously released only through the (impossible to find) limited red vinyl by Niessedrion Records back in 2007 and featuring with Blackdeath's first recording after returning to the full line-up is now available through the label. The tape contains also a bonus track, a rehearsal version of ""Der nukleare Wojwode"" recorded in 2009.
Blackgod    (FRA)    "Resurrection Of The Fallen Angels"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Great Black / Death hybrid with the most leaning towards the uttermost darkness and hate. French proves to have some acts that still have passed by most of us unnoticed. Black God is one of those bands, maybe cause they are a fairly young band! Anyhow worth picking up.
BlackSStorm / Pagan Assault (FRA) "Cruce Signati"   MC   3,50 €

Blasphemous Creation   (USA)    "Fire"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True old school US Black Metal
Blodsband    (SWE)    "Svunna tiders sagner"    cassLP     3.5€     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Coloured pro-cover.
Blodtru    (DEN)    "A Brighter Sun"    cassLP     3,00 €    
Blodulv    (SWE)    "Diatribe"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Evil black metal.
Blodulv / Pestiferium    (SWE/POR)    "Satanic murder order"    cassLP     3,00 €     A Hatred Split Tape with the Mighty band Blodulv and the Extreme band Pestifeirum. 3 songs from each band will kill your mind. Both bands playing a Killer and Hatred Black Metal. Limited to 500.
Blood Pollution    (RUS)    "Armed You!!"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old-school metal n'roll.

Blood Stained Dusk    (USA)    "Continuance of evil"    cassLP     3,00 €     "Triumphant Black Metal from Alabama! The disciples of the Chaosatanic Way have returned to purify by steel and inquisition!!! Pro-covers and stickers!
Bloodrain    (RUS)    "Ten bestial years"    cassLP     3,00 €     Satanic Thrash-Black metal band, one of the oldest in Russia. This tape includes compilation of song within 10 years.
Bloodthirst    (POL)    "Discography"    cassLP     3,00 €     20 tracks, 78 min of True Old School Polish Thrash Metal.
Bloody Sign    (FRA)   "Explosion of elements"    cassLP     3,00 €     2nd full-length of this horde. Pro-cover limited to 500 copies.
Blut und boden    (UK)   "This is our world"    Demo Tape   3,00 €     Undergroumd extreme Black Metal.
Bluten    (SVK)    "Years Of Hate And Misanthropy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Primitive, UG pagan BM, ex. Immortal Hammer.
Blutrache    (GER)    "Volksseuche"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Re-release of their 2005 demo. Limited to 100 copies.
Body Shot    (NED)   "Ruins"  Demo Tape     3,00 €     The notorious bad-guys of the Dutch underground music scene wanted to make some noise again. Their old bands (a.o. badlands, knockdown, best wishes and offside) all rest in peace, so a new band was formed. Here's ""Body Shot"". Back on the map...and ready to raise hell on stage. Album 'RUINS' combines the power of hardcore with streetrock melodies, metallic leads and raw vocals. All in their own unique sound. Lyricly critical and 'incorrect', but always with a sense of humour...True Dutch Skinhead Hardcore! 100 copies only!
Boreal Wind (USA/RUS) "Ultima Thule"   3 €   Vinland-Russian BM project, pure BBH atmosphere. LP on tape, limietd to 500 copies.

Briargh    (SPA)    "Ebro"    cassLP     3,00 €     "Contains the three demos ""Labaros"", ""A Black Mark over the Land"" and ""Soledad"". Limited to 300 handnumbered copies."
Bruma Obscura / Heresia    (POR)    "Em honra de um passado..."  cassLP    3,00 €     Misanthropic and emotional pagan black metal, forging the glory of lusitanian ancestors vs Melancholic yet raw black metal.
Brumalis    (USA)    "Ancestral Spirits Return To Their Thrones..."    cassLP     3,00 €     2 albums on one tape! Raw and cold emotional pagan NS war metal with some death and rac touches. Officially licensed through AMF!
Bullet    (SWE)    "Speeding in the night"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pure heavy metal!
Bulturnos (SPA) "O Vuedo Dentre As Enruenas"   MC   4 €

Caed Dhu    (POL)    "By Tych Co Nami Wladna Postracac z Oltarzy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Caedes Vocum (FRA)  "Animus Silvae"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Excellent underground Black Metal from France. Reissue by Winterreich, lim 300 by hand!
Caligula (ARG) "Gritos del Sur"    cassLP     4,00 €     Compilation of all their demos. Excellent raw nationalistic black metal, full of pride! Pro-tape, limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

Cantus Bestiae (FRA)  "The Cult of Sterility"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The Cult of Sterility is: Ep' 01 + Reh' 99.
Carcharoth (SPA)   "My father was a wolf "   Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Pagan Black Metal from Spain!
Cardiac Arrest (POL)  "Songs from Hell"  Demo Tape     3,00 €     True Swedish Thrash Metal.
Catacumba (BRA)  "Birkat Ha-Minim - A Benção dos Hereges"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True Brazilian Black/Death Metal! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Ceifador / Iron Gang  (BRA/COL)  "The Razor of Hell Is Back From the Dead"    cassLP     3,00 €  

Ceifador (BRA) "Heavy Metal 666"   MC   3,50 €

Celestia   (FRA)  "Archaenae Perfectii"    cassLP     4,00 €     New album, needs no comments. Limited to 300. Pro-Cassette.
Cemetery Fog   (FIN)  "Journey to hell"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo. Black/death/doom from Finland. Akne Productions.

Chernomor (UKR) "Compilation"   MC   3,50 €
Chernomor (UKR) "Sarmatia"   MC   3,50 € 
Chernomor / Baziny (ROM) "Temnie Zahovori" MC   3,50 €

Christ Incest  (AUT)  "Dismembered Divinity"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Aggresive and satanic Black Metal from Austria. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Chtonium  (SWE)  "In sour ground"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Thrash Metal from Sweden
Chur  (UKR) "Oprich"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Folk metal.
Circle of Ouroborus  (FIN)  "Streams"    cassLP     4,00 €     3rd full-length.
Circle of Pestilence  (CRO)  "Bubonic plague"    cassLP     3,00 €     Chaotic Black Metal from Croatia with raw sound and hysterical vocals. 5 tracks of pure blasphemy. Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.
Cocaine Cowboys  (ITA)  "Metal War!"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True old school Italy Thrash Speed Roll.
Coedwig Machen (UK) "Wandering Eternal In A Dreamlike State" MC   3,5 €
Tape EP limited to 100 copies.

Coldness  (POR) "Poisoned gift"    cassLP     3,00 €     Anti-Human and Suicidal Black Metal recomended to the sickest and perverted minds around the world. A project of N.Horrendus (Corpus Christii, Morte Incandescente) with 11 tracks of total despair.
Colp    ()  "Future: against all"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True republic tech indurial metal core (for Messhuggah fan).
Concubia Nocte   (SVK)  "Vlcou Krvou"   MC     3,00 €     After their superb debut full-length and 5 years of silence, Concubia Nocte returns stronger than ever with this 4 track EP. Limited to 111 handnumbered copies. GET IT NOW - OR DIE!!
Crepusculum  (POL)  "Era diabla-kult annihilacji"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Misanthropic and nihilistic aura of pain and destruction. Fascination of Death and terror... total oposition against everything and everyone! Limited to 300 pieces.
Crepusculum + Leichengott  (POL)    Pestis Mordet Corpora Eorum    MC     3,00 €     Pro-cover & both-sided stickers. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Cripta Oculta  (POR)   "Rios Que Correram... Rios Que Secaram"     cassLP     5,00 €     Limited to 500 handnumberes copies.
Crossodomizer / Dewarsteiner   (ITA)  "Still fucking alive"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Split-tape 6 tracks. For fans of Darkthrone, Venom, Sodom and old school metal !!! Limited to 250 copies. Pro artwork.
Crucifixion Wounds  (GER)  "The Hammer of Purification"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Second attack! This time more structured songs then in the previous release but with the same raw unpure sound and of course the typical extremly duett vocals.
Crucifixions  (FRA)  "True old school raw hate Black Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    True old school raw hate Black Metal
Cruda Sorte  (GER)  "Kapitel 2"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Depressive Black Metal.

C.R.U.E.L. (GUA) "Against the light" MC   3,5 €
Compilation presenting the fangs which make Christian temples bleed: four demos showing the anger, fury and trve intention of this musical project, based on the ideology of intelectual superiority about mankind’s weakness and stupidity. Monsters who have spit over those fragiles bastards of such a story where is better to see one’s death than fight to inflict pain… Instrumental intros that complement chapters of auditive war, irritable sound exercises for those who does not comprehend their innocuous  reality, and sound pleasures of darkness for those who seek for a piece of art which gathers all black metal elements with very particular arrangements, focused on a musical composition destined to generate the fire from Hells…  Project with ABYSSUM members. Tape limited to 66 handnumbered copies, shiny red cover with red stickers. Released on February 2014.

Cryfemal  (SPA)  "Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the album. Limited to 111 copies, pro-cover and both-sided pro-stickers.
Cryfemal  (SPA)  "Raising Deads, Burning Alives"    cassLP     3,00 €     1st full-length. Limited to 333 copies.
Cultus  (NED)  "Promo 2007"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Extremely good, Primitive and Raw Black Metal. A Must, which includes 7 tracks, being 4 of them from ""A seat in Valhalla"" album.

DOD  (SWE) "Eternal manifest"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Orthodox Black Metal, Watain influenced.
Daemonolatreia  (RUS) "Satan, Satan, Satan,..."    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw Devilworshiping Black Metal.
Daimonion (POR)  "Unknown polwers obscure"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black metal with folk elements, released in 1998 at Lusitanian lands.
Damnation Army (SWE) "The art of the occult"    cassLP     3,00 €     Supreme raw black metal.

Dapnom (FRA)  "Ert Bvrueazv"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Satanic Black Noise recorded in France. The music of suffering, depressy and transcendental Fear. Ad Gloriam! Limited to 199 handnumbered. Fully covered by blood...
Dark Ages (UKR) "A chronicle of the plague"    cassLP     3,00 €     Special layout for this tape version.

Dark Ages (UKR) "Twilight of Europe"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut album from this dark ambient project of Roman Saenko (Drudkh, Blood of Kingu, Hate Forest). Different layout on this tape version, with quality pro cover and stickers.
Dark Ages (UKR) "RABBLE, WHORES, USURERS"   3 €   Dark Ambient from Ukraine. Last album on tape.
Dark Domination (LAT) "Blasphemy"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd edition, one of the most extreme Latvian  black act , album consist of  two parts"In Satan We Trustâ" and "Ancient Pride" with material since '97 till '01.
Dark Flames (BRA) "Iluminar Da Morte"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Satanic terroristic Black Metal.
Dark Fury (POL) "Saligia"    MC     3,00 €
Dark Fury (POL) "W.A.R."    MC     3,50 €
Dark Fury (POL) "Semper Fidelis"    MC     3,50 €
Dark Fury (POL) "Synningthwait"    MC     3,50 €
Dark Fury (POL) / Evil (BRA) / Pagan Hellfire (CAN)  3,5 €    "We Know How To Hate" Split
Dark Fury (POL) "Carnivore"   MC   3 €

Dark Tower  (USA) "Beneath the flame of Asmodeus"    MC     3,00 €     5th demo. Winter Solace release. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Dark Tower (USA)  "Blood Eagle Ritual"    MC     3,00 €     4th Demo. Winter Solace release. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (GER) "Hora Nocturna"    cassLP     3,00 €     4th chapter and nothing but Harsh and Raw Black Metal in typical for this horde way
Darkness (ITA) "Darkness collection 2001-2006"    cassLP     3,00 €     All their discography in one tape. Limited only to 99 handnumbered copies.
Darkness / Mephisto / VTA (ITA) "Archdukes of Hell Vol. 1"    cassLP     3,00 €    Split between three italian black/thrash bands, Darkness have a most ""grim"" sound, Mephisto are most like bathory and VTA play a fuckin' thrash metal like old Sodom/Sarcófago
Darkthule (GRE)  "Wolforder"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the excellent 2005 full-length of this Hellenic NSBM horde. Pro-cover with both-sided pro-stickers. Limited to 320 handnumbered copies.
Dawn of division (GRE) "Awaiting the Dawn"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Decrepit black metal, 2nd demo.
Dawn of division (GRE)   "Outrage of Desolation"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo, Divinity Records edition.  killer and decrepit black metal band from Hellas now in tape format.

De Profundis (HUN) "The Winter in My Heart"   MC   3,5 €
Dead (MEX) "Hanging Illusions"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Unique atmosphere... a band to watch out!
Dead Christ Cult (UKR) "...When it begins to remain"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old School Black/Thrash/Death.
Dead Christ Cult (UKR)  "Christdeath"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old School Black/Thrash/Death.
Dead Christ Cult (UKR) "Stigma"    cassLP     3,00 €   Fast Black Metal with true blasphemous lyrics in russian + demo versions of some ""Stigma"" songs with more raw and dirty sound + bonus instrumental song. Includes cool stickers.

Dead Reptile Shrine (FIN) "A journey through the darkest of forests"    cassLP     5,50 €    The already sold out debut cd from this obscure band. Quote from Werewolf records : "Shamanic ritual demon worship. Obscure and filthy, definately not for everyone.
You do not classify this stuff by instrumentation, composition or sound, simply because it is NOT musik,"
Deadly Carnage  (ITA)  "Decadenza"   cassLP     3,00 €     Debut full-length.

Death Triumphant (RUS)  "Obscure origin"    cassLP     3,00 €     This band plays quite fast, cold, uncompromising misanthropic black metal.
Deathmoon (RUS) "Daemoonhermeticum"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Deadly Lunar Black Metal.Professionally printed bilateral black/white cover. 555 copies limitation.
Deathroner (CAN) "Deathroner"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo-tape released by Tour De Garde in 2008. Great old-school Speed/Thrash metal! Limited to 666 handnumbered copies.

Decayed (POR)  "Chaos underground"   cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the album with one exclusive live track as bonus. Limited to 300 copies, handnumbered, with pro-stickers.
Decayed (POR) "The Seven Seals"    Gate LP     15,00 €     "Kult ""Seven seals"" ep + ""Thus revealed"" demo, Chaosphere release."
Decayed (POR) "Into the depths of Hell" MC   4 €
Limited to 100 copies in Pro Tape. Sample

Deep Vein / Bloody Sign / Oppresion (FRA/SWE)    Split tape    cassLP     3,00 €     Old school death metal!! 

Demiurg (POL) "From the throne of darkness"    cassLP     3,00 €  Raw Black Metal from Poland with Moontower vocalist!
Dementor (SVK) "The church dies"   MC   4 €
Re-released debut album (after 20 years!) this death metal band from Slovakia!
Dementor (SVK) "Damned"   MC   3,5 €  
7th album of this one of the best death metal band from Slovakia, tape version their cd!

Demiurg (POL) "Królestwo Mrocznego Lasu"  cassLP     3,00 €     2nd full-length. Raw black metal. Pro covers and stickers.
Demiurg (POL) "Unholy War"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw black metal. Quality pro-cover with pro-stickers.
Demonic Rage    CHI    Venomous wine from putrid bodies    MC     4,00 €     Chilean death metal début, in the rotten veins of Incantation and other 90s US death/black metal - analogue fucking pestilence! Comes with bonus tracks and woven logo patch (size 9cm by 5cm). Limited to 150.
Demonic Rage (CHI) "Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies" MC   4,5 €  
2nd Press! Limited to 150 copies. Comes with woven white logo patch (size 10cm x 6.2cm) and a new bonus track. The mix and the accompanying patch are different to the first version.

Demon's Gate (AUS)  "Demo 2006"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Doom/Heavy metal. Abysmal Sounds 2008 edition.
Demons of Creation  (BRA) "A flor do Diabo#    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Side project of Lord Occult (Mortal Wish).

Demons of Creation (BRA)  "Delicate death's steps"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Side project of Lord Occult (Mortal Wish).
Deneb (POL) "A path without destination"    cassLP     3,00 €     Killer Death Metal with Black influences. Stickers for both sides of the tape. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Denial of God (DNK)  "Klabautermanden"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black Horror Metal. Professionally printed bilateral red/black/white cover. Limited: 555 copies.

Depressive Years (USA) "Failing to Confront Suicidal Thoughts"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the full-length, limited to 150 copies.
Der Gerwelt (RUS) "Revelation"   Demo Tape     3,00 €     Grim russian Black Metal.

Deranged (CHI) "Burst of Violence" MC   3,50 €

Desaster (GER) "Divine Blasphemies"    cassLP     3,00 €     Fourth full-length attack! German masterpiece of Black Metal.
Desolation Triumphalis (FRA) "Forever Bound to Nothingness"    cassLP     3,00 €     Grim Melancholic Uncompromising Black Metal. Project with the members of Kristallnacht, Finis Gloria Dei, Seigneur Voland, Chemin de Haine.
Devathorn (GRE) "Diadema"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape version of the full-length.

Devastator (USA) "Conjuring Evil" MC   3 €
Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Sample

Devastator (USA) "Nuclear Proliferation" MC   3 €
Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Sample 

Dewarsteiner (ITA) "Ethylic Lovestories"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pro-tape for the debut full-length of the bastard thrashers. 
Diabolical Darkness Dissemination (BRA)  "Black Fire of Occult Power"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Evil Raw Black Metal with satanic themes.
Diabolical Principles (GRE) "Manifesto of death" MC   3 €
Tape Version of the new Album. Music both powerful, melodic and aggressive in the great Greek tradition. Tape Limited to 100 Copies with black & white Artwork on color Paper.

Dictator (CHI) "Destined to Suffer" MC   3,50 €

Dictator (RUS) "Birth of Virgin Feelings"    cassLP     3,00 €    Raw death/black metal
Divine Blasphemy (GRE) "Plague of death"    Demo Tape     3,50 €   Limited to 100 copies.
Djur (RUS) "In Torrents Of Chaos Blood"    cassLP     3,00 €     Elite Russian Black Metal played by members of Temnozor and Velimor. One of the greatest albums of 2010, a perfect manifestation of elitism and superior black art! See picture: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w131/Markolab/djur.jpg
Do Skonu (UKR) "Womb of Primeval Darkness"    cassLP     3,00 €    Black Primeval Magic, 300 copies, MC with stikers.
Dommedagssalme (UK) "Divisions" Tape   3 €
Dommedagssalme (UK) "S/T (Demo 2004)" Tape   3 €
Dominus Ira (RUS) "Ferocia Animi"    cassLP     3,00 €    FUCK! No doubt there's a huge wave of quality comming from the Eastern Europe... What a debut! Fast and violent riffs with some melodic/experimental parts. Black Metal, MC, limited edition, hand-numbered. 

Dominus Ira (RUS) "Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris" MC   3,5 €
Second masterpiece of this cruel and sinister act from Russia with great varied riffs and song structures that are summoning a purely sombre, morbid, dreadful and dissonant atmosphere. Total unique manifestation of genuine Darkness, one of the best Russian materials since the millenium.

Doomhammer (ITA)  "Ghouls from Ginnungagap"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Very good metal of death in the vein of HellHammer.
Dor Feafaroth (RUS) "Zemlia Okhotiaschikhsia Dukhov"    cassLP     3,00 €
Draconis Infernum (SIN) "Death In My Veins"    MC     4,00 €     Pro-tape + pro-cover. Limited to 100.
Draugluin (GRE) "Theozoology" Tape   3,5 €
Drengskapur (GER)  "Von Nebel umschlungen"    cassLP     3.5   Released by Nigra Mors, limited to 300 handnumbered copies, contains the bonus track ""From hateful visions"" (Judas Iscariot).
Droomstyyg (USA)  "Vast Unknown Darkness"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     More than 1 hour of cold and hateful blackmetal. Excellent demo, limited to 300, pro-cover.
Dunkelheit    HUN    Endless Dream About Final Deliverance    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True Carpathian Black Metal from Hungary... New demo, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dunkelheit (HUN) "Eternal Curse Of The Carpathians"    cassLP     3,00 €   2 demos on one tape. Raw, dark and cold intense pagan oldschool black metal. Pro-cover. 7 tracks - 50 min.
Dunkelheit (HUN) "Frozen in eternity"    CD     5,00 €     First full-length CD: some tracks remastered from the demos plus some new tracks. Burzum worship with an unique Carpathian touch!

Dunkelheit (HUN) "Mors Aeterna" MC   3,50 €


Einsatz Kommando (SPA) "The Forest Call"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 288 handnumbered copies.
Eisiger Wald (FRA) "Sur le chemin de la ..."    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cold black metal with epic parts , Tape ltd to 100.

Ejecutor (CHI) "4 Vientos de Ejecucion"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw and fucking Blackened Thrash Metal from South America.
Elderblood (UKR) "Son Of The Morning"   3 €   Symphonic Black Metal from Ukraine, created by people related to Ulverg, Ygg or Nokturnal Mortum. Debut album on tape, in edition 500 handnumbered copies. 

Elforg (POL) "Elforg"   MC   3,00 €
Elitism (FRA) "L'odeur des Deportes"   3 €   Great W.A.R. Black Metal from France, in the vein of old true Polish BM! Limited to handnumbered 488 copies.

Em Ruínas (BRA) "...From the speed metal graves"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brazilian speed metal at its best! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Emit (UK) "A Sword of Death for the Prince2   cassLP     3,00 €     Pure nihilist Black Metal/Dark Wave in the Abruptum vein.
Emit (UK) "The Dark Gods"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Obscure black audio terror.
Empire Night (BRA) "Seres nefastos"    Demo Tape     3,00 €   First demo-tape of this promising band from Brazil. This band executes a Black Metal with Old School Greek Bands (Varathron, Necromantia and Nergal) feeling; their lyrics are vociferated in portuguese. This release contains 05 tracks.
Empire of Hate / Morthond  (AUS/USA)    Empire of Hate / Morthond    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Empire Of Hate contributes five tracks, these morbid songs will appeal to those who like Mutiilation and Maniac Butcher with it's dissonant riffs and insane and extremely hateful vocals. Morthond's music carries the freezing cold atmosphere of the old Darkthrone releases to new, haunting levels, through the use of keyboards and sickened and tortured vocals.

Empty (SPA) "The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pro-cover tape version via Drakkar Prods.
Enecare (IRE) "Dawn of Creations Ruin"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Crushing, raw, underproduced filth from one of the UK's best bands, without question.
Entsetzlich (AUT) "Curse the Abyss"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Fantastic Black Metal with ambient/noise elements, hailing from the shores of Australia!! This demo is both harsh and uncompromising, as experimental and noisy! A true soldier of the underground scene!
Epitimia (RUS)  "Demo MMVIII"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Depressive Black Ambient. Limited to 150 copies.
Erhabenheit / Vinterkrig (GER/RUS)  "Erhabenheit / Vinterkrig"     Demo Tape     3,00 €    Released only on tape. Erhabenheit side: ""Epitaphien der Wintergeister"" rehearsal room recording from 2006.
Vinterkrig side: ""Ashes of Non-Existence"" rehearsal room recording from 2002. Both bands have lyrics in their respecitve native languages, thus the tracklists are comprised by translations of the original titles.
Erhabenheit / Wolfsschrei   (GER) "Erhabenheit / Wolfsschrei"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Tape version released by Osolon' Prod. in 2008, also having the ""Verhallend..." material on Erhabenheit's side and ""L.U.S.T."" on Wolfsschrei's side, totalling in 25 minutes per band. All of this material has been recorded in 2004/2005 already and back then announced for release on Darkland Rec. who never came through with it.
Essence (SPA) "Haunted and Lost"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Band with Miljdrahnr of Panzerfrost but doing other way of Black Metal, influenced by bands as Forgotten Woods, Ved Buens Ende… Pure Essence!!!! Includes tape stickers!
Eterna Penumbra (SPA) "Nuestra vacia existencia"    cassLP     3,00 €    Debut album for Eterna Penumbra - THeir best work to the date!!! No fancy production, no ""evolution"", no ""new experiences"": just rawness, hatred, killer riffs - creativity for your (self) destruction!!  Limited to 300 hand copies, pro-cover, both sided stickers.
Eterna Penumbra (SPA)    "Odio Antihumano"    cassLP     3,00 €     Antihuman Hate: 3rd release from this spanish horde. This superb EP offers 6 hymns of intense morbid and hateful black metal with anguish majestic screams. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, pro-cover, both sided pro-stickers.
Eterna Penumbra  + Heretic Blaze (SPA/BEL)    Split    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Eternal Devastation (BRA) "Beware the doom"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True old school brazilian thrash metal. Special french edition by Maltkross Prods.
Eternal Frost (GER) "Rehearshell 1999"    Demo Tape     3,00 €   Old 4 track demo/rehearsalrecordings from the deepest German underground. A pure black metal attack in the tradition of Moonblood, Bathory, Immortal, etc. Some time after these recordings the band released two tapes and a 7"", then died; members later went on to form Vergeltung, Pestwinter, Genocide, etc.
Eternal Majesty (FRA)  "Unholy chants of darkness"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Official re-release of the Eternal Majesty's tracks from the split LP with Temple of Baal.

Eternal Sin (RUS)  "Christ's false torments"    cassLP     3,00 €    Raw satanic black metal
Evil (BRA) "Arktogaa"    cassLP     3,00 € 

Evil (BRA) "Ashes of Old"   MC   3,50 €

Evil (BRA) "To the Fallen and Free"   MC   3,50 €

Evil / Lugubris (SVK) "V Pekelnom Ohni... Väzanie Nesmrtelnych Chvil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     For fans of Judas Iscariot. Limited to 300 copies.
Evil / Moloch (BRA/UKR)  Split    MC     3,00 €     Tape version of the 7''ep.
Evil Dead (SVK) "Fall of Seraphs"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Unique old-school black/death metal. Pro-coloured cover. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Evilnasty (ITA)  "Blasphemia canorae"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old school black / thrash in the vein of Celtic Frost. Lim. 500.
Evilwinged (RUS) "Avatars of Satan"    cassLP     3,00 €     First full-lenght. Obscure Black Metal.
Evoked Curse (FIN) "Merciless revenge"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old School Satanic Thrash\Black Metal attack. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

Excessum  (SWE) "Death redemption"    cassLP     3,00 €     The debut album of swedish EXCESSUM offers nearly 49 minutes of swedish black/death metal in the early 90´s style. Compareable to their landmates WATAIN and DISSECTION.
Excidium (POL) "Infernal oath"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 300 copies. Devastating Blackened Thrash Metal from Poland!!
Exekratorio (BOL) "Demo 2005"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Anti-Jewish Black Metal!
Exetheris (GRE) "Sick and decadent feelings"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Extinction Agenda / Oppresion (USA/SWE) "Extinction Agenda / Oppression"     Demo Tape     3,00 €    Old school thrash metal with death & speed influences vs old school thrash metal.

F.A.M.A.S. (FRA) "Est imperare ordi universo"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Martial Black Metal from France. 
Facilis Descensus Averni (RUS)  "Da zdravstvuet Black Metal!"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Melodic fast Black Metal.
Faethon (GRE) "Faethon"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Heathen black metal in the vein of the Hellenic hordes.

Faethon (GRE) "Pagan revival"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brilliant NSBM from Hellas! Demo Tape limited to 88 hand-numbered copies!!
Faethon (GRE) "Pagan Revival"   cassLP     3,00 €     2010 re-edition via Sword Productions, now with bonus tracks and an impressive pro and coloured layout cover! Lim. 300 handnumbered copies.
Fallen Arkane  (FRA) "Beyond the Altar"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Black Metal from France.
Festering (POR) "From the grave"    Demo Tape     3,50 €   Limited to 300 copies.
Fathomhell (SPA) "Non Pietatem Erit" MC   3 €
Fetid Zombie (USA) / Deathevoker (MAL) "Monolith of Death" Split MC   4 €
Limited to 150 copies. Each tape comes with miniature art/biography cards. v is a different track from the CD version.
Fjallstorm (FRA) "Reise"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Astonishing black viking metal with ISENGARD influences. Korosiv release, limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Flame of War (POL)    "Europa; Or, The Spirit Among The Ruins"    cassLP     3,00 €     Six tracks of Polish Black Metal at its best tradition. Limited to 500.
Flamen (ITA) "Supremo Die"    MC     3,00 €     Debut release from this pagan BM italian horde. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Flammentod (GER) "Flammentod"    MC     3,00 €     NSBM from Germany, limited to 200 copies.
Florestas Negras (BRA) "Necro Paganismo Austral"    cassLP     3,00 €   Released in k7 format, artwork in b/w, totally in Portuguese Language. A tribute to old days of Black Metal kult without new tendencies of digital and universal BM. No compromise with anyone, no compromise with you!

Folkvang (BLR) "World of Wisdom" MC  3,5 € 
Forestdome (SPA) "Foresthrone"    cassLP     3.5 €    2010 compilation, released via AMF. All their excellent material in one tape!

Forest Silence (HUN) "The Third Winter / Winter Circle" MC   3,5 €
Tape release that contains the first two deep, dark, hypnotic and meditative ritualistic wintery Black Ambient demo from this cult and old Hungarian band. A very unique material, officially never released before. 

Forgotten Chaos (SWI) "Demo 2003"    Demo Tape   3,00 €
Forn Valdyrheim (AUS)  "S/T"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cold, northern atmospheric pagan/black metal. Mid ninties sounding primitive black metal yet full of might.
Fornication (CAN) "Sewer dwellers"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    ""Grave shaking hell metal"" from Canada! Limited to 250 copies.
Front Beast (GER) "Black Spells of the Damned"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version by Hell War Prod limited to 500 copies. Includes one bonustrack, not available on the CD version.
Front Beast (GER) "Wicked Wings of Wartjalka"    MC     3,00 €     Released as a cassette limited to 300, coloured covers.
Frost (CAN) "Defendo Patria"    MC     3,50 €     Tape version limited to 250 handnumbered copies. Pro-cover + pro-stickers.
Frost ( CAN) "La Grande Bataille de Notre Temps"    cassLP     3,50 €     Excellent battle/pagan attack! Tape version, limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Pro-cover + pro-stickers.

Frost (CAN) "Ame Trouble"   3 €   Limited to 250 handnumbered copies. sample

Frost (CAN) “Maitre des Illusions” MC   3 €

Frostmoon Eclipse (ITA) "Life is fading away"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Haunting and original black metal combining bonecrushing violence with intense acoustic guitars and great, mellow passages based on warm, progressive atmospheres in the veins of early Dissection or Opeth.
Frozen Cruelty (POR) "Masmorras"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The only demo from this horde, before they changed name to TUMULUM. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
Fuck Off And Die (LIT) "Anti All"    cassLP     3,00 €     Alcoholic destruction and pure violence: extreme metal with thrash'n' core influences. Lim. 400, pro-cover.
Fullmoon Dweller (MEX ) "The wandering ghoul"    cassLP     3,00 €     Depressive and cold Black Metal.
Funebre (HUN) "Death is here"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Hungarian band full of hatred and misanthropic sounds! This tape contains two of their materials: one from 2004 and the last one from 2007.
Funeral Countess (BRA) "Madness ritual"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2006 EP. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Funeral (FRA) "Barbarian supremacy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Funeral Forest (FRA) "Hateful Visions"    cassLP     3,00 €     The unique Funeral Forest sound, pure hatefl black metal without modern shit. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Funeral Forest + Ãœlfengard (FRA) "Pagan blood alliance"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Great split demo tape of this 2 french underground bands, limited to 500 units, by Blood & Soil Productions.
Funereus (MEX) "Bestial Invocation"    MC     3,00 €   Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
Funereus (MEX) "Embrace the unholy spirit"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.

Gammal Sed (UK) "Blót" Tape   3 €Gates of Carpathia (WAL) "Through the Gates"    MC     3,00 €    Debut album from Gates Of Carpathia from Wales. Six tracks of pure anti-christian Black Metal. Filled total hate and aggression. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies (Pro covers + Tape stickers)

Gaskammer (USA) "Judocarnage"   MC   3,50 € 

Gates of Holocaust / Lord Tenebrion (BRA) "Antichrist Declaration"    cassLP     3,00 €     Both brazilian bands execute a raw fast Black Metal, very primitive.
Geimhre (CAN) "For the Blood of Hinterland"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Canadian heathen black metal. 8 nordic, partly deep depressive hymns.
Gelal's Dark Cult (CHI) "Ater metallum ex mors"    cassLP     3,00 €     Killer Black Metal from Chile.
Ghash (BRA) "Forest of Perpetual Pains"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Agony, Pain, Despair, Hate, Misanthropy,... Gungnir Productions, limited to 800 copies.
Ghornumn (SER) "Misanthropical Dreams"    Demo Tape     3,00 €   Lmitation: 222 handnumbered copies
polygraphy: b/w pro-printed, 2 sides b/w pro-printed stickers for both TAPE sides. Released: september 2008. Black Metal from Siberia (Russia) devoted to Space, Darkness, Death. This is something different.
Gnieu (BLR) "Dein"    cassLP     3,00 €     Full-length from 2012.
Gnieu / Lascowiec (BLR/POL)    Split    cassLP     3,00 €

Goatflesh (UKR) "...Of pure Rape and Blasphemy" Tape   3 €
6 tracks of pure war black metal with a BLASPHEMOPHAGER Cover. Tape limited to 100 Copies with black and white Artwork printed on red Paper. 

Goatreich 666 (ITA) "Inhale the Cold Breath of Who Hates You"    cassLP     3,00 €   Tapes released by Gorification Musixxx ltd to 166 copies. ""This is a compilation of old songs in a unique blaspheme release, all the songs present here was live performed in a studio or on the stage... We hate you, think not less of twice before support us.""
Godless (PRI) "Therianthropic Lust"    MC     3,00 €     17 years after their first demo, the 2010 ep from these black metal veterans. Limited to 300 copies, pro-cover with both sided pro-stickers!

Grafenstein (GER) "Silence endless"    cassLP     3,00 €
Gravenveld IX (NED) "Ad Arma"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     New Dutch threepiece playing aggressive black/death metal with rumbling bass noise interludes.
Greifenstein (AUT) "Ostarrichi Black Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Griefthorn (USA) "Ulv"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo. Mosanthropy and Nature! Limited to 100 copies. 

Grimlair (FRA)    Demo 2002    Demo Tape     3,00 €     First demo of this unique french act!
Grimlair (FRA) "Inside"    cassLP     3,00 €     Official tape version of Grimlair's latest opus of depression. Limited only to 100 handnumbered copies! Comes with pro-stickers!!
Grimlair (FRA) "L'appel de la Nuit Funeste"    cassLP     4,00 €     Finally the tape format of Grimlair's debut! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Grimness (HUN) "Ashes of a black cult"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut album.
Grimwald (ITA) "The Berserker"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Great epic/pagan black metal. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
Gromm (UKR) "Nails for Gods"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut album on tape, raw and hate black metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Gromm (UKR) "Sacrilegium"    cassLP     3,00 €     Misanthropic blackmetal from Ukraine. Limited to 666 copies. Comes with pro-stickers!
Gromm / Winfs of War (UKR/POL) "In the Glare of Black / War Forever"     cassLP     3,00 €     True blasphemous satanic black metal / Side project of Moontower. Dirty war black metal.
Grotesque Communion (BRA) "Spawn Of The Undivine"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    The project of the editors of ""Revelações Abissais"" zine. Immoral ans sick black metal, with a sound which may remind old Archgoat, although mixed with a very personal touch. Composed by 6 blasphemies.
Guerilla (SWE) "Mass violence hysteria"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    True swedish thrash metal.

Gyotrelem (HUN) "Dimenziok Pusztulasa"    cassLP     3,00 €     After the superb demos, the first full-length.
Gyotrelem (HUN) "Gyotrelem"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Another suicidal journey.. limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Gyotrelem (HUN) "Teljes Beteljesülés: HALÁL"    cassLP     3,50 €     The 4th demo of Gyotrelem, so far the sickest one!! Morbid, dissonant and misanthropic Black Metal created by a real psychopath!! Limited to 266 handnumbered copies.

Gyotrelem (HUN) “Hopelessness” MC   3 €

Gyotrelem (HUN) "Mikor a csillagok..."   MC   3,50 €


Harag / Vrag (HUN) “s/t” MC   3 €

Hautakammio (FIN) "Kukaan ei opasta teita pimeassa"   MC  3,50 €

HELL BELL (MEX) "Devilish Metal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Funereal Moon Side Project Originally Recorded in 1999 for a split release which never was released! Over 18 Minutes of Old School Black/Thrash.
Hakenkreuz Nocturna (ITA) "Eternal Introspective Winter"    cassLP     3,00 €     Introspective black metal with a killer atmosphere. Tape version with extra track, and stickers!
Hammered (USA) "Into the ground"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True US Thrash metal.
Hammervolk (BRA) "Of Profound Ancestral Wisdom..."    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
Harsgathyr/Ysorex (GER) "Nordland krieger"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     German pagan black metal.
Hasserben (FRA) "Chants d'Automne"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape 8 tracks. Great intense french Black Metal. Pro printed artwork. Limited to 250 copies.
Hate Forest (UKR) "The curse"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo.
Hate Kommand (USA) "kommand of hate"    Demo Tape     3,00 €
Hateful Blood / Matar (MEX/FIN)    Split    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw and ugly Black Metal.
Hatestorm (RUS) "Cursed rituals"    cassLP     3,00 €     cold & grim satanic BLACK METAL that will please all into early BATHORY, early VENOM, WATAIN & ARMAGEDDA! Convert and Pervert Your Mind To Sickness!!
Havok (BRA) "The Ostantation of the Eternal Chaos"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brutal death metal from Brazil! Limited to 133 copies only!!

Hegemoon (POL) "Tron Zla"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pagan Black Metal, also includes a rehearsal.
Hekate (GER) "Darkness enshrouds all rays of hope"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut album. Sabbaths Fire release.Limited to 300 handnumbered.
Hell Eternal (HUN) #Názáreti Dögölj Meg!!!#     Demo Tape     3,00 €     First demo, old-school Black Metal with Kreator and Bathory covers.
Hell Eternal / Qassam (HUN) "Split"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Hell United (POL) "Extra strenght of the obscure"    Demo Tape     3,00 €
Hellcult (POL) "Wiszacy Las / Rehearsal 1999"    cassLP     3,00 €     Reedition demo tape. Raw and agresive Black Metal.
Hellishthrone (BRA) "The Book Of War"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old school black metal. Tape version of the full-length CD.
Hellthrone / Úr / Sentimen Beltza (SPA) "Arima Erratuen Erresuma"    cassLP     3,00 €     Three different Black Metal styles in tribute to the same DEATH, limited to 400 copies. Nekrokult!!
Heptameron (GRE) "Blessed By The Name Of The Dragon"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Reissue of the unholy cult debut demo '03 from this raw old-school Vampiric and Satanic black metal desecrator! 5 grim recording of real primitive, dark and heavy mid-tempo necrokill black metal into Nordic tradition, including a Darkthrone cover! Plus a rehearsal bonus track. Pro-cover, limited to 366 copies.

Hermitage (UK) "Hammer of Purity"   MC   3,00 €

He's Turning Blue (GRE) "Human replica"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Minimal and deppresive Black Metal from Hellas in the vein of Burzum and Xasthur with vocals similar to Leviathan and Nyktalgia. 7 tracks of ridden black art including Burzum cover.
Hocus / Celtefog (GRE) "Nyktos Genesis" MC   3,5 €
The time has come. The new Pagan era of the Northern Greece is rising under the ancient darkness. Celtefog meets Hocus. The new and the old into the same dark path. These "two phases" split project is titled "Nyktos Genesis" which means in Greek "The Birth of the Night". Includes two songs from Hocus and one 10min song from Celtefog. Limited to 111 handnumbered copies. Released on February 2015.
Holocaust Storm (POL) "...Das Experiment Gemacht"    cassLP     3,00 €    First Album from this Polish Band. Killer Radikal Black !!! Tape limited to 100 Copies.
Holocaustus (GER) "Virus"    MC     3,00 €     NSBM from Germany, limited to 200. Side-project of Flammentod.
Holomraz (CZE) "Ocelové Mésto"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Re-release of the debut demo, limited to 500 copies.
Hordagaard (NOR) "Ravnablod/Trollskap"    cassLP     3,00 €    This tape contains demo ""Ravnablod"" and CD-R demo/album ""Trollskap". Limited to #500 copies/glossy B/W profi cover...
Hour of Thy Voyager (FIN) "Hour of Thy Voyager"    Demo Tape     3.5     The astral energy keeps on flowing through this project. Yet another release with the very strong and unique type of black metal that Hour of Thy Voyager is known for. This time a selftitled EP with 20 minutes of distorted black metal and cosmic ambient. Released on PRO-Tape (Black Cassettes)! Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Hour of Thy Voyager (FIN) "If Ever the Stars Shall Fall"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     'If Ever the Stars shall Fall' is the newest HoTV effort from M. Minkkinen (Pestiferous, Uhrilehto). This second demo, recorded in 2010, presents a more distorted, sick and raw vision of his project, where possessed vocals and strange melodies guide you. Again 4 tracks, 23 minutes, taking you on a nightly journey to the stars. This is very unique material! Limited to 80 handnumbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Hromovlad (SVK) "Ohna hlad, vody chlad"    cassLP     3,00 €     Slavonic Pagan Black Metal.
Hromovlad    SVK "Vládca Lesov, Skalných Stien"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw, fast, occasionally a bit melodic Pagan Black Metal… with Beelphegor from ex-Immortal Hammer in the line-up and with Slavfist (Algor) on drums and Aldaron (Algor) on vocal accompaniment. Limited to 500.

Humugur (HUN) "Endless caverns"    Demo Tape     3,50 €
Hunok (HUN) "Forgotten honour"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pagan ambient from Hungary. Re-release of his first recording.

Hunting Season (GER) "Fear the return"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited tape edition.

ICEBOUND (POR) "Conquered by Frost" MC   4,00 €
Conquered by Frost is the debut album from the Pagan Black Metal band ICEBOUND, a portuguese solo project. It's a cold and dark album with a very raw mix and lo-fi recordings that contribute to the overall grimness of the music. It has a great focus on the atmosphere which resembles the ones found in bands such EMPEROR or BORGNE. Pro-tape limited to 100 copies. Released on July 2015.

Idade das Trevas (BRA) "Iniciada a guerra"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo from 2007. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Illapa (PER) "Blood and Coca for our Warmaster"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     EP from 2008 from these Veterans.
Immemorial Celtic Wind (POL) "Call from the ancient past: 94-95"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
Impale (JAP) "Japan Future Beer & War"    cassLP     3,00 €     True brutal japan thrash metal!
Imperial Tyrants (SIN) "Imperial Tyrants"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Hateful blackmetal from Singapore. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Impious Havoc (FIN) "Monument of suffering"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Orthodox Black Metal from Finland! Just a few month after the absolutely stunning ""At the ruins..."" They decide to give us a new attack! 26min long MCD! with the best material to date! Tape version includes bonus track

Impure Desecration (GRE) "Immolate the Templars of the Whoreson " MC   4,00 €

Impvreza (FRA) "Inquisition demos"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Rerelease of the 3 Impureza demos on an heavy tape for the underground maniacs! Obscure and brutal death metal à la Immolation, old Incantation with epic touches of Nile. 
Imsar (BLR) "Karani" MC   3,50 €

In Thy Flesh (POR) "Crawl Beneath Our Shadow"     cassLP     3,00 €     Raw black metal. A true masterpiece, very different from what they started to do after this release...
In Thy Flesh (POR) "Ode Nacional"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo Tape from 2002.
In Thy Flesh (POR) "Onslaught Against Slavery"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo Tape from 2002.
Incorporea (SPA) "Tongue of the Moribund"    Demo Tape     3.5    INCORPOREA leads us to a Black/Doom metal full of suffering and negativity, but if you are expecting the usual ""Shinning"" trend, you are totally in the wrong path! Here you'll take yourself into hymns of despair with influences from the old Gods, Burzum and especially thy greek vein, with slight touches of Rotting Christ or Varathron. If you were around in the mid'90's, you'll perfectly agree with this; if you were not, just let yourself go in this awesome new and fresh journey... Support this mighty Horde!!!

Incriminated (FIN) "Orgy Of The Perverted"    cassLP     3,00 €    Compilation of essential necro-materials from the past 7"" EP, split 7"" EP & split CD of this primitive, old-school thrashing black / death metal cult!
Indomitus / Mortinatum (SPA)    Split    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Morbid and decrepit Black Metal from Ebola (CRYFEMAL) vs. Raw and grim Black Metal. Limited to 666 handnumbered copies!
Infectus (HUN) "Tulvilag"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     First official demo of this excellent Hungarian horde. Raw, darkened, superior and majestic Black Metal played in a unique style!!
Inferius Torment (RUS) "Your God Liar"    cassLP     3,00 €    Killer Black Metal from Russian. This is the tape version of their album. Eight tracks in pro colour covers. Limited to 300 copies.
Inferivm (POR) "Demo 2008"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black Metal as it is should be: Raw, brutal and chaotic.
Infernal Kingdom (POR) "S.A.T.A.N."    cassLP     4,00 €     Raw black metal, Infernal Kingdom's unique style. Pro-tape and pro-cover. Limited to 100 copies (there are also 122 regular copies).
Infernal Kingdom (POR) "The Black Throne of Hell"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Infernal Nature + Mucous Scrotum (ISR) "Calls from the underground"    CD     3,00 €

Infernal Necromancy (JAP) "Forgotten Wisdom"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Primitive Black Metal. 4 original + 1 Vlad Tepes cover of new recording, and 1 track from the previous EP.
Inferno (CZE) "Chram Nenavisti"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tracks from split CD with Maniac Butcher and Sezarbil from 1999.
Inferno (CZE) "Fucking Funeral Attack 2006-2007"    MC     3,00 €     Intolerant Antihuman Black Metal vomiting from the Czech maniacs of Inferno!! This material contains all the split and 7''EP tracks from the 2006 and 2007 era! Limited to 320 handnumbered copies.
Inferno (CZE) "Pure Serbian Hell"    cassLP     3,00 €

Inferno (CZE) "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness"   MC   3,5 €
Tape version of the latest album from the masters of Czech Black Metal. Without a doubt, this masterwork is the best emanation of Inferno and one of the best albums from MMXIII. Purely dark, sinister and dissonant musick in the true Orthodox way pierced by total devotion and the Gnosis of the Dark Side!!

Inhein (RUS) "Dead Hush"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limitation: 222 handnumbered copies
polygraphy: b/w pro-printed, 2 sides (front side laminated), b/w pro-printed stickers for both TAPE sides, released: december 2008. Mid tempo/fast Black Metal from Russia with mystic/atmospheric keyboard parts. Debut demo + 3 live tracks.

Inmitten Des Waldes (GER/BRA) "Traum Und Sehnsucht"    cassLP     3,00 €     3 demos + rehearsal and promo tracks. Raw, cold, melancholic and emotional pagan black metal with rough rehearsal sound. Pro-cover. 14 tracks.
Inmitten Des Waldes (BRA) "Traumgarten / Die stille Sehnsucht"     cassLP     3,00 €     Their ep from 2005 and demo from 2006 together on one tape release, limited to 500 handnumbered copies via Goat Music recs.
Insalubre (POR) "Vozes do Passado"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Originally recorded in 2001. Raw black metal from the dephts of the portuguese underground. Limited to 200 copies. Recommended!!
Insidious Omen (CAN) "Anointed with the Blood of Chaos"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Insidious Omen (CAN) "To Cast the Last Shadow"    cassLP     3,00 €     Uncompromising and intense devoted Black Metal from Edmonton, Canada.
Interfector (POL) "Where the highests are the highest"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True old school Polish Thrash Metal.
Interior of Death (POL) "Anosotropy"   cassLP     3,00 €    Old School Death Metal from Poland.

Irae (POR)  "Ave Sathanas I Was Born to Murder the World"     cassLP     3,00 €     Debut full-length. 200 handnumbered copies.

Iron Eagle (UK) "Start a riot"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old school Metal n´Roll from U.K.
Isolation (GER) "Hier am Ende der Welt"     Demo Tape     3,00 € 
Isolation (GER) "Striding on the Path of Nihil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This is their first demo, released via Tour De Garde.
Istidraj (SIN) "Blasphemous Ritual"    cassLP     3,00 €     Istidraj's unique style... Tape version of their 4th full-length.
Istorn (NOR) "Gjennom mørke skogen"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Primitive and minimalistic, yet very atmospheric Black Metal. Norse feel.
Ives (USA) "Abandon"    Demo Tape     4,00 €     Violent and primitive black metal with some punk D-Beat touches. Pro-tape, comes with patch as bonus!
Ives / Hot Graves / Nak'ay / Cellgraft (USA) "Ives / Hot Graves / Nak'ay / Cellgraft"    MC     3.5     Pro-tape with bloody red cover.

Jar (BLR) "Flame of Kupala"    cassLP     3,00 €    Different and original slavonic pagan folk black metal with unique atmosphere. Pro-cover. 8 tracks.
Jar / Lutover'e (BLR)    Split    cassLP     3,00 € 
Judas Iscariot (USA) "Dethroned Conquered and Forgotten"   MC   3,00 €
Judas Iscariot (USA) "To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding"   MC   3,50 €

Kaeltetod (AUT) "Adoratio Mortem"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo.
Kaeltetod (AUT) "Wundenextrakte I-V"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pro-cover edition of the demo originally recorded in 2003.
Kaltemond / Gyotrelem (HUN)    Split    MC     3,00 €     Split 2010, one long track for each horde.
Karpathia / Sirin (SVK) "Age Of Myths And Legends"   3 €   Slavonic Black Metal from Slovakia. Split tape of previous CDr split, limited now to 500 handnumbered copies.

Katharsis 666 (POL) "Total Beast"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     New Material,Recorded ANNO DIABOLI 2006.8 Hymns of unholy Black Metal. Lmit 666 copies!!!
Kay Pacha / Yana Raymi (PER) "The time of revenge"    cassLP     3,00 €    Diabolical split of two pagan bands, raw and with traditionals peruvian instruments, total cold from Huancayo.
Khors (UKR) "Return to abandoned"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 320 handnumbered copies.
Khors (UKR) "The flame of eternity's decline"    cassLP     3.5     The first opus! Pagan BM with some folk elements. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies, with pro-stickers.
Khronoz (CAN) "Herrenkrasse"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Project featuring the members of Aryanas and Pagan Heritage.Raw black metal with influences from bands like Abyssic Hate and Hate Forest.

Kladovest (UKR) “Winterwards” MC   3,50 €

Kladovest (UKR) "Ignitiate" MC   3,50 €

Koldbrann (NOR) "Nekrotisk inkvisition"    cassLP     3,00 €     Grim and necrotic black metal from Norway. Let yourself experience the inquisition!
Koltum (POR)    Course of evil    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
Korgonthurus (FIN) "Root of evil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     1st demo of this great finnish horde. Re-release via Blood & Soil, limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Korgull The Exterminator (SPA) "Dogs of War"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old-school black/thrash, with the scent of the first BATHORY efforts... Pro-cover, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Korium  (SVK) "Tma pred smrtou"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The 3rd demo of Korium, masters of Slovakian Cold Black/Doom. Limited to 300 copies.
Korpblod (SWE) "Hymner"    MC     3.5     Korpblod's first release: tape edition by Sword Productions, limtied to 300 handnumbered, coloured pro-cover.
Korpblod (SWE) "Uraldrig Samklang"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Kosa (UKR) "Evilabsorption"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw misanthropic blackmetal. Pro-covers with pro-stickers, limited to 666!!
Kraft (POR) "And the land turns dark"    cassLP     3,30 €   

Kraft (POR) "Lusitanian Pride"    Demo Tape     3,30 €     1st release ever of this portuguese horde.Dark and Raw Black Metal influenced by bands like Xasthur, Darkthrone, Burzum, Nargaroth...
Kraft (POR) "The ruins of time"    cassLP     3,30 €     Fifth work, dark and raw Black Metal
Kraft (POR) "Twilight halls of sorrow"    cassLP     3,30 €     Debut full-length, raw Black Metal.
Kraftheim (GER) "Ein gutter tag zum sterben"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True Deutsch Viking Rock! Limited to 130 copies.
Kratornas (PHI) "Tribal Satan"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     New song + Nunslaughter and Bathory covers.
Kripta (HUN) "Látomás"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     First release of this über-promising horde from Hungary. Icecold, melancholic, yet bloodfreezing Black Metal in the purest form!! Support the Black Temple of Inner Awakening!!
Kroda (UKR) "Live in Lemberg"    MC     3.5     Live album of this great horde. Superb edition with pro-cover and pro-stickers!
Kroda (UKR) "Schwarzpfad"    cassLP     3.5   Cult Slavonic Black Metal from Ukraine.
Latest album available on tape.
Kroda / Oprich (UKR/RUS) "Legend / Wolfen Loyalty"    MC     3.5     Great Pagan Metal, Ukraine/Russia. Superb edition!
Kroda / Velimor (UKR/RUS) "By a Hammer of Spirit and Identity of Blood"    MC     3.5     Great Slavonic Black Metal, Ukraine/Russia. Superb edition.
Kruk (BLR) "Endkampf" MC   3 €
Krv (BOS) "Ograma"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the album, includes bonus tracks taken from the ""u kamenon grobu"" EP.Limited to 300 copies
Krv (BOS) "Ponor"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the album, includes bonus track. Limited to 300 copies
Kult Ofenzivy (CZE) "Symfonie Oceli"    cassLP     3.5     Debut full-length. Stong vocals, fast, powerful and unique riffs.. Impressive! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Kult Ofenzivy (CZE) "Nauky ruznic / Radikální ateismus - Tvurcum Nadcloveka" MC   3,5 €

Two albums on a single cassette. Unrelenting, intolerant and extreme raw black metal from the Czech Republik. Motivated by traditionalist philosophy, the atmosphere of this album can described as a radical declaration of hatred channeled througha focused and violent form of black metal. Kult Ofenzivy takes the Czech sound and imues within it a more sinister and merciless energy that solidifies this album as paramount to extreme and evil music. The pro-cassette includes a folded A4 cover and lyrics in English.

Kwakweyen (USA) "Demo 2006"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Rehearsal tracks from this Black Metal act with Punk influences. Uncompromisingly raw!!!

Lado Obscuro (BRA) "O Inferno por..."    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Brazilian blasphemic and obscure black metal.
Lamentation (USA) "s/t" MC   3,5 €

Debut demo tape by this band from Texas. Formed by Joshua Bokemeyer (Church of Disgust) and Andrew Guy, LAMENTATION deliver a 6-pack-dose of rancid, traditional, furious Death/Grind in the tradition of bands like Terrorizer, Defecation, Napalm Death, Autopsy or Repulsion. Not for the weak hearted. Negative, nihilistic, hateful Grindcore the way it was meant to be, no modern happy Grind bullshit. Limited to 150 copies.

Lascowiec / Marblebog / Vérzivatar (USA/HUN) "Deep Horizons of Eternity"    cassLP     3,00 €   
Laurarena (USA) "Laurarena"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Ambient from US.

Lascowiec (USA) "Frostwinds Of The Apocalypse"   3 €  Excellent Heathen Black Metal from Vinland. Latest album on tape.
Lascowiec (USA) "Isolation"   3 €   W.A.R. Black Metal from Vinland. Unreleased album recorded during 2007-2009. Tape in edition 500 hand-numbered copies.
Lascowiec (USA) "Survival"   3 €

Sivyi Yar (RUS) "The Dawns Were Driting As Before   3 €   Slavonic Black Metal from Russia. Newest stuff! Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Lechia / Archandrja (POL) "Straznicy ryjskiej krwi"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     44 minutes of Pagan NS Metal and Pagan Black Metal in unique Polish style.
Legion Mortifere (FRA) "Demo 2007"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     French horde presenting great Black Metal full of hatred towards religion and world itself. Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Leichengott (POL) "Psalmy przeklenstwa"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Six tracks of pure, intolerant and Satanic Black Metal supporting all kinds of religious Satanism and possibilities of life's destruction + cover of VON. Limited to 333 pieces. Support UG Terrorism!
Lepra (HUN) "Wounds of Past Centuries"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Released on tape and limited to 333 hand-numbered copies. Werewolf Promotions.

Likvann (NOR) “Furet og Vaerbitt” MC   3 €

Likvann / Wolve's Eyes (NOR/UK) "Split" MC   3,50 € 

Loits (EST) "Ei kahetse midagi"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     A re-release of the legendary debut by the crown jewel of Estonian metal.
Lord Foul (BRA) "Triumph Wolffen"    MC     3,00 €     Winter Solace release. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Lord Foul (BRA) "With my Furor"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw black metal with some melodic elements. Slight influences of some pagan/heathen hordes.
Lord of the Abyss (POR) "s/t"    MC     3,00 €     Satanic ultra raw extreme doom, limited to 100.
Lord Wind (POL) "Ales Stenar"    cassLP     3,50 €     5th full-length of this epic project by Darken (GRAVELAND). Luxurious booklet, limited and handnumbered.
Lord Wind (POL) "Atlantean Monument"    cassLP     3,50 €    From members of Graveland and Infernum comes fourth one of the darkest and most hateful bands ever. Lord Wind is a mixture of Slavik folk music and black metal giving the music a unique medieval atmosphere. 4th album. Official cassette version limited to 500 copies, handnumbered.
Lord Wind (POL) "Forgotten songs"    cassLP     3,50 €     From members of Graveland and Infernum comes fourth one of the darkest and most hateful bands ever. Lord Wind is a mixture of Slavik folk music and black metal giving the music a unique medieval atmosphere. Official cassette version limited to 300 copies
Lord Wind (POL) "Heralds of fight"    cassLP     3,50 €     The second album of Rob Darkens (Graveland) Celtic music project! Very Bombastic mystic celtic folk hymns show the return to the ancienttimes! Official cassette version limited to 300 copies.
Lord Wind (POL) "Rites of the Valkyries"    cassLP     3,50 €     Celtic music project! Very Bombastic mystic celtic folk hymns show the return to the ancient times!

Lost Flood (UK) "Demo III" Tape   3 €
Lost Flood (UK) "S/T" Tape   3 €
Luci­fago Rofacale (MEX)  "Demo 2005"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pure intense and cold Black Metal.
Lucifugum (UKR) "Acme Adeptum"    cassLP     3,00 €     Satanic Black Metal authentism! Pro b/w covers, both sided stickers, lim 666.
Lucifugum (UKR) "Involtation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Satanic Black Metal authentism.
Lucifugum (UKR) "The supreme art of genocide"    cassLP     3,00 €     43 min. of True Antihuman Poisonous Black Metal in own unique ""style"", without any influences. CD incl. the third pro video clip: Ritual obscurantism in absolute Black Metal understanding.
Lucifugum (UKR) "Vector 33"    cassLP     3,00 €     Grandiose anti-human poisoned black metal.
Lupulo (SPA) "Cuero, Sangre, Sudor y Alcohol"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo from maniac thrashers Lupulo (featuring members of Mortinatum, Sentimen Beltza and Úr). The name says it all!! Limited to 500 copies.
Lupus Nocturnus / Infernal Hate (MEX) "Night on the dark forest"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Strictly limited to 300 copies hand copies. Lupus Nocturnus in the vein of old Satyricoon and Nargaroth, Infernal Hate plays insane Black Metal, total sickness.
Lutomysl (UKR) "Catharsis"    cassLP     3,00 €     Black Metal as an art of painfull and self-destructive Rebellion. Pro-covers with pro-stickers.
Lutomysl (UKR) "De Profundis"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pure Black Metal art
Lycanthropy (RUS) "The right hand of darkness"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black metal from Russia, for fans of BURZUM's ""Filosofem"" or BEHERIT's ""Electric doom..."" and ""Drawing down the moon"".

Majster Kat (SVK) "Svatá Zvrhlost"    cassLP     3,00 €     The very name speaks from vial inspiring wind! Twelve songs and nearly 55 minutes worth of thrash metal to its most glorious era, which ruled the aces as Destruction, Kreator or Sodom! Pro-colored cover, high quality paper with lyrics included!
Malkuth (BRA) "Glory and victory"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Doom Black Metal. 1995 demo.
Malveillance (CAN) "Insignifiance"    cassLP     3,00 €     Primitive black metal.
Maniac Winds / Sacrifix (CHI) "Luciferian victory hail satanas, hail Luciferi"    cassLP     3,00 €     Split of destructives and Raw hordes!!!

Marblebog / Hunok (HUN) "Hadak Útján / Ermitus"    cassLP     3,00 €     Cold ambient from Hunok and distant bleak Black Metal from Marblebog.
Mare Frigoris (USA) "Hails Victory!"    cassLP     3,00 €     One-man band, viking black metal.
Martyrum Omnium (SPA) "Human Darkness"    Demo Tape     3,50 €     Cold depressing black metal from Spain.
Martyrum Omnium (SPA) "Soul Wandering"    Demo Tape     3,50 €     Cold and Dark atmospheric Black Metal from Spain.
Massenvernichtung / Darkthule (GER/GRE) "Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra"    cassLP     3.5     Tape version of the long sold-out CD from 2005, with a new and killer layout! Released by Werewolf Promotions, pro-cover and pro-stickers, limited to 320 handnumbered copies. A MUST!!
Matricide (SWE) "Black Mass Gathering"    cassLP     3.5     Satanic black metal from Sweden, amazing riff-driven album, the songs have excellent composition, the sound is perfect and it gives the album a real malignant feel. This is right up there with the best Swedish acts. Recommended!!
Matricide (SWE) "Blasphemous Fire"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Absolutely ripping swedish black metal. 1st demo, including 3 bonus tracks.
May Result (SER) "Blasphemy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Elite underground Serbian BlackDeath Metal band. Stuza tape edition, limited to 500.

Mefitic (ITA) "Devouring Torment"   MC   3,50 €

Merciless Warfare (SPA) "Satanic Liturgies of Destruction"    Demo     3,00 €     1st release of this Galician Horde: totally retro death metal!!  
Mind Eclipse (RUS) "In the light of eclipse comming"   3,5 €
Mirkhall (FIN) "Heathen hearted"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old heathen HORNA project. Raw, exteme (folk) metal like the Isengard demo.
Misanthropic Art (RUS) "Lifeless nothing"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The way into Oblivion through winter, pain, coldness, hatred and finally death. Four long tracks with total alienation atmosphere. Studio project of Baal Zebuth's guitarist (Sadist). Misanthropic Art for misanthropic individuals!!! Comes with pro-stickers, limited to 333 handnumbered copies!
Misanthropic Art (RUS) "Pest of the Past"    cassLP     3,00 €    Industrial Black Metal, 300 copies, MC with stikers.
Misanthropy (USA) "A monument of disgust"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     All tracks on this demo are previously unreleased by Misanthropy.
Misantrok / Kingdom of Fog (SPA) "Misantrok / Kingdom of Fog"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     fucking raw and grim insane black metal , tape ltd to 200 with A4 desplegable cover.
Miserycore (CHI) "Prelude to destruction"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo of this black/thrash chilean horde.
Moder (GER) "Ewiger Tod"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old school Thrash Death Metal. Great tape artwork, with tape stickers for both sides.
Moloch (UKR) "Eihwaz"    cassLP     3,00 €     This release is a collection from 3 demos of this Ukrainian horde: ""Blacker than darkness"" 2004 (raw intense depressive black metal with female screams); ""Rotten threads of life"" 2006 (deep and cold dark ambient) and ""Uralte stille"" 2007 (raw primitive black metal). Egg of Nihilism Productions, limited to 300 handnumbered copies!
Moloch (UKR) "Isolation der Essenz"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version, via I Am Your End Productions (2012 edition), of the 7th full-length.
Moloch (UKR) "Taurer"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of Moloch's third full-length. Cold and atmospheric blackmetal. War Flagellation Prod. Limited to 100 copies.
Moloth (RUS) "Scent of blood / Rehearsal 2003 A.B."    cassLP     3,00 €
Mons Veneris (POR) "Evil Genius - A Tribute to Abruptum"    Demo Tape     5,00 €     Limited to 666 handnumberd copies.
Montségur (RUS) "
Under The Banner Of Witchcraft" Demo Tape   3,5 €
Mooncult (GRE) "Descend upon us"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Alchemic Experimental hellenic black metal. Taking elements from the old masters an adding some new experimental elements.
Moontower (POL) "To the dark aeon..."    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2008 EP from this raw black metal horde.
Moontower (POL) "Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006"    cassLP     3,00 €     Includes some rehearsals songs from 1996 to 2006 of Antichristian Black Metal.
Moord (BEL) "Negativum I"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Primitive black metal. It captures the terrorlike state of the world, in which hurricanes civil wars and other human misbehavior reign, and how nature finds it way to strike back!! 'It is to be the sound to match everything you don't like, and to get you into a depression.
Moravska ZimA / Slavigrom (CZE/SVK)    "MoravskA Zima / Slavigrom"     cassLP     3,00 €     Released on MC by Werewolf Promotion, limited to 300 copies.
Moravska Zima    (CZE)    "National Moravian Black Metal"    cassLP     3,00 €     Compilation of two demo's and bonustrack. It´s released only on MC, limited to 300 copies with pro covers and stickers.
Morbid Goat Fornicator    (CHI)    "Nuclear Vaticano"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Fuckin' black metal from Chile! "Nuclear Vaticano" is the 2nd PoisonLust in the face of the faith and religious scum!! 8 tracks of total worship to old Blasphemy / Sarcófago / Beherit. Limited to 666 copies.

Mordaehoth (HOL) "Limburgian Pagan Madness" MC   3,5 €

The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal. Re-recorded unreleased songs, as a tribute to the old European pagan black metal sound!

Mordheim    (FRA)  "Opus Mortuarium"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Very raw black metal with some ambient parts. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Mors Atra Crucis (GBK/POR) "Demo I" Tape   3,00 €
First demo from FG, the drummer of evil Portuguese horde Satanize, and George Proctor of White Medal, Sump etc... 4 songs calling for all-out War and Plague. Disturbing Black/Death Metal darkness designed to unite North and South in misanthropy, hatred and sickness. Limited to 200 copies.

Mortal Remains    (GER)  "Mortal Remains"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old school deutsch female Thrash Metal.
Mortal Remains    (GER)    "Next level"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old school deutsch female Thrash Metal.
Mortal Wish    (BRA)    "Around the infernal spirits"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Re-release with pro-cover. 3 folders front/back (comes with the originals tracks, and extra 3 bonus, more two sounds from the "paranormal spirits manifestations" and more two tracks from the frist release of this album and also one cover of Samael!"
Mortal Wish    (BRA)  "Dez crânios humanos em vossa oferenda"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo from 2004, very dark, cold and raw Black Metal with some melodic touches. Pro-coloured cover.
Mortal Wish   (BRA)    "My spirit, as everything began (I)"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     4 sounds of the pure occultsm black metal from the darkness and cold feeling!...
Mortal Wish    (BRA)    "My spirit, as everything began (II)"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Same first release but with different layout, and two new sound tracks!
Mortal Wish / Tempestilence   (BRA)    "Split"    cassLP     3,00 €     Split tape with an original cover in cross format...
Mortuus Caelum / Hrizg    (GRE/SPA)    "Mortuus Caelum / Hrizg"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cold and Grim Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Movimento D'Avanguardia Ermetico    (ITA)    "Alle Frontiere Dell'Anima"    cassLP     3,00 €     Dark, cold and emotional intense pagan black metal.Including 2 bonus tracks.Pro-cover. 6 tracks – 35 min.
Muinanen Ruhtinas   (FIN)    "Tuskanvuarten valtaistuin"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw and primitive Black Metal from Finland, highly recommanded.
Mundilfare    (NOR)    "Gjennom Mine Forfedres Øyner"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Viking Metal from Norway
Murmúrio    (POR)  "Over the stream of Negation"    MC     3,00 €     Negative Black Metal. Limited to 133 handnumbered copies.
Murmúrios do Vento / VRT139    (POR)    "Hinos da Glória Ancestral"    MC     3.5€     "4 hymns for the glory of Lusitanian heritage. Official and Pro-tape, 2 panel both-sided b/w booklet, hardcard paper. Limited to 111 handnumbered copies.
Myrrdin (UK) "Gods of Ancient Times" Tape   3 €
MYRRDIN mixes 3 Tracks of pure raw Black Metal and 3 Tracks of mysterious ambient (two short and one long). Tape limited to 100 Copies.
Mystes    (POL)    "Pure evil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The first stuff of Polish MYSTES. Brutal and aggressive Black Metal without any compromises. Art full of pain, suffer and hale to hideous nazarene! Death hangs in air... 

NÛr (CHI) "NÛr -" Part I    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Part Nº 1 of the first Chapter EP of this black metal band. Grim and Depressive. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Naastrand    (MEX)    "Demo '08"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Bestial terrorism promoted by this horde.
Naer Mataron    (GRE)    "Discipline Manifesto"    cassLP     3,00 €     Supreme Black Metal art, featuring Vicotnick on vocals (Ved Buens Ende, Manes, Dodheimsgard,...).
Nahual    (PER)    "Tiberian's Crucifixion Talionis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Rehearsal tape 2005, limited to 150.

Nakkiga    (SPA)    "Maketa 05"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Violent, powerful and intense Black Metal from Galicia, with members of Ur, Lúpulo and Sentimen Beltza. This tape comes with a an enormous (!) pro-cover and pro-stickers. Limited to 300 copies!
Namter + Gaszimmer    (ITA)    "Paritur Pax Bello"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Both projects are made by the same twisted soul, pure Italian Black Metal.
Namter (ITA) "Il Refugio Della Creazione"   MC   3,50 €
Naturvidrig (SWE) "Sönderfall"   MC   3,50 €

Narvik (GER) "Snake of Paradise" MC   3 €Navjarmaahr (RUS) "The fangs of the shining night"    cassLP     3,00 €     Great, raw Black Metal from Russia. New album on tape, limited to 500 copies.
Navrog (SER) "Pogled"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pagan Black Metal.
Nazroth / Putride (USA/CAN) "Nazroth / Putride"    cassLP     3,00 €     A split filled with pure hatred, expect nothing more than filthy Black Metal.

Naudiz (ITA) "After till Ginnungagaps" MC   3 €

Hateful, primitive and aggressive black metal. Fierce worship of rune and fire giants and the primordial forces of chaos. Nine songs, full album tape, limited to 333 handnumbered copies. Recommended to fanatics of Spear Of Longinus, Ildjarn, Vordr.
Nechrist (BRA) "Defending the infernal throne"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old School Satanic BM, like old Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Darkthrone (panzerfaust era), Sodom, Sarcofago...
Necroaxe (CHI) "Necrosoldiers"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Chilean Blackdeathrash in the old vein of Sodom, Poison...
Necropsia (CHI) "Live satanized"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old death metal with black/thrash influences. Pro-covers with pro stickers.
Negativa (SPA) "1"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    
Nekrokult / Nerkroth / Nokturnal (CHI) "Three Winds of the Black Gospel"    cassLP     3,00 €     WOW!! This tape offers not one, not two, but THREE killer chilean hordes. True old school black metal with a great feeling! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Nekysia (GRE) "Manes Exitae paternis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     3 hymns of raw and true Heathen Black Metal. Tape limited to 100 copies by Daemonokration Prods.
Nemesis Sopor (GER) "Glas" MC   3,5 €
Nidd (RUS) "Pure fucking underground"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cellar Black Metal performed in best traditions of early MAYHEM.
Niedergang (HUN) "Alámerulés"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     4th Niedergang demo recorded in Spring 2009, possessed by the Eternal Black Flame, not recommended for posers and love metal gays!!! Limited to 300 copies, pro-cover with both sided stickers.
Niedergang (HUN) "Hanyatlas"     cassLP     3,00 €     True Carpathian Black Metal from Hungary. Compilation tape including unreleased first demo, sold out second demo and unreleased tracks. Limited to 333 hand-numbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Niedergang (HUN) "Meghasadás"    MC     3,00 €     Four new attacks from beyond the outer spheres, summoned by this horde from Inner Awakening Circle. Total misanthropic and alien Black Metal with the usual pitch-black atmosphere. Unique material for true Satanists!! Limited to 222 handnumbered copies.
Niedergang (HUN) "Nekrolog"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Very cold and intense black metal, for true maniacs!! Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. RECOMMENDED!!
Niedergang / Infectus (HUN) "Niedergang / Infectus"    MC     3,00 €     Two new tracks from these two extreme HungAryan hordes. Raw black metal with no compromises!! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, pro-cover with both-sided stickers.
Nietzschean Reprisal (CAN) "The Great Hopelessness"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This is real and extreme black metal that blends despair and hatred to great effect. Raw riffs and desperate vocals.
Niezgal (BLR) "Kali Pahasnie Sonca"    MC     3,00 €     Great Black Metal with powerfull production, for fans of Clandestine Blaze. 200 copies, MC with stikers.
Nihil Domination (ECU) "A collection of Blasphemy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Nihilistic Kaos (FRA) "Alchimie de la douleur"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Black Metal

Noche Eterna / Tzelmoth / Tormentor 666 (ECU/COL) "Culto a las eternas deidades del abismo"    cassLP     3,00 €     Infernal majestic raw satanic black metal comes on this 100% given killer production. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Nocturnal Amentia (UKR) "Necromentia / Hec Regnum Meum Est" MC   3,50 €

Nocturnal Hell (SPA) "Bestial worshippers"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Morbid black/thrash assault!!! This one man band only needs 4 hymns to destroy your weak soul! 15 minutes of unique and true spirit of devotion to the Devil. 666 handnumbered copies.
Nocturnal Vomit (GRE) "Divine Profanation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old school death metal attack! 21 Black vomits with Demo I, Demo II and 2 morbid rehearsals + lyrics! 666 handnumbered copies.
Noitébrega (SPA) "Agerbetion"    Demo     3,00 €     Raw Black Metal, chanting Galician Mythology and Folklore.
Nokturnal (CHI) "Under the unholy black ritual"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     FUCKK!! This is a fuckin' great demo, true feeling, a MUST for maniacs of the true south-american underground! Maniatik raw Black Metal from the deeps of Hell, only true warriors burn in this circle of fire!!!
Nokturne (USA) "Kruelty Kampaign"    cassLP     3,00 €     Cruel Nekro War Metal from the US.

Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta (UK) "Death by the Venomhammer" MC   4 €
Limited to 100 copies
Nordal (GER) "Feuersturm" MC   3 €

North / Gromowladny (POL) "Lechia, Slawia, Aria"    cassLP     3,00 €     Quality heathen release dedicated to ancient slavonic times, paganism and medieval wars.
Northaunt / Vinterriket (NOR/GER) "Northaunt / Vinterriket"    cassLP     3,00 €     This is a masterful work that includes both Northaunt/Vinterriket 7"" splits as well as unreleased Vinterriket tracks from the Landschaften sessions. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Nuclear Winter (AUS) "Pain slavery and desertion"    cassLP     3,00 €     Black Metal from Australia in the vein of Clandestine Blaze. Limited to 500 copies.
Nurnen (ITA) "Demo MMV"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Ultraraw old style Black Metal.

Oak (NED) "Their death, our freedom"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Folkish NSBM from the Netherlands.
Obscure Anachronism (AUT) "Transcending Mundane Obstacles"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut album release after the exceptional demo tape from these three austrian underground Black Metal demoniacs! Melancholic and sorrowful moment is the price when you stride the grievance of silence to the great pleasure of ""Transcencing Mundane Obstacles"". This is your chance to go beyond your mind. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

Obsecration (GRE) "Behold The Pale Horror" MC   3,50 €

Octobre (CAN) "Quebec Hooligan"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True Quebec Hooligan Metal! Limited to 155 copies.
Ocularis Infernum (MEX) "The Agony Of Christ"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Blasphemous black metal from Mexico! Re-release of the second demo from these nocturnal demons. Includes bonus track and cover of Lord Foul. Released in 200 copies limited and handnumbered, pro-cover.
Odal (GER) "...Wilde Kraft"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan Black Metal.
Odal (GER) "Einst verehrt von allen / ...und auf Erden tobt di"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This special tape release offers the 4 songs of the MCD + the track of Odal's split with Surtur's Lohe.

Odium Perpetuum / D.O.R. (POR) "United in hate & pain"    cassLP     3,00 €     Depressive and extreme Black Metal.
Ohtar (POL) "Petrified Breath of Hope"    cassLP     3,00 €     Re-release of 2010 on tape limited to 500 copies by Werewolf Promotions.
Ohtar / Dark Fury (POL) "Shall I Drink the Fulfilment... / We are the Only"     cassLP     3,00 €     The True Face of Polish Underground Black Metal. Extremist and Intolerant as it must be!
Ohvrikivi (EST) "Forgotten Screams"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This Estonian project plays Raw Pagan Metal which is heavily influenced by black metal. Fuckin' good EP!!!

Old Pagan (GER) "Battlecruiser Old Pagan" MC   3 €
Oldblood (SVK) "This World Isn't for Us"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo from this horde. Old Darkthrone/Hellhammer worship! With members of Inferno, Slavigrom, Warmarch and Evil. Adramelech (Inferno) on vocals. Limited to 300 copies.
Omen / Awicha / Blackspell  "The MIsanthropic Trinity"    cassLP     3,00 €     3 way split tape on pro b/w covers limited to 300 copies. Omen (Mal) Black Metal ; Awicha (Tai) Black/Thrash Metal; Blackspell (Sir) Black Metal.
Omission (SPA) "Merciless jaws from Hell"    cassLP     3,00 €     Killer thrash metal attack! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, pro-cover + pro-stickers!
Omitir (POR) "Meu Fado"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
Oprich (RUS) "North, the Boundless"    cassLP     3,00 €     Russian folk metal band.

Ordeal (GRE) "Ordeal" MC   3,00 €

Order of the Death’s Head (FRA) “Pogrom Ritual” MC   3 €

Order of Tepes (UK) "Kazikli Voyvoda"    MC     3,00 €     A nice surprise from Uk. Five Death Black Metal hymns. Pro colour   covers limited to 300 copies.
Order of the White Hand (FIN) "Pagan victory"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     A new Order against all the secret nature what God´s choosen folk stands for. Finnish, heathen Black Metal attack with an esthetic anti-p.e. content. Don´t expect any lame, blithful tones here. The war against oppressive forces is not about singing birds, that´s for sure! These raw, hroic hymns might appeal to fans of Geimhre and other great hidden, underground hordes!
Ordinul Negru (ROM) "Poems of a rooted blade"    cassLP     3,00 €     Cassette version of their fifth album. Brooding black metal in the style of old Burzum recordings... from Romania!
Original Sin (CHI) "Destroy my life"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     7 tracks of cold and macabre music in the vein of depressive bands like Krohm and Xasthur! There are 2 exclusive bonus tracks for this release...A true funeral for mankind...… Original Sin is pure audio torture coming from the eastern lands.
Orlog (GER) "Reinigende Feuer"    cassLP     3,00 €     German Pagan Black Metal.
Orrery (AUS) "Nine odes to oblivion"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw, Despondent art! Dedicated to the beautiful cruelty of nature.
Osirion + Vorkuta (FRA/HUN)    Split    cassLP     3,00 €     One intro plus four songs of fast and destructive Black Metal from Osirion. Five songs of Blasphemic Black Metal from Vorkuta. Pro b/w cover and limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

Ossuaire (FRA) "Le troubadour nécrophageophile" MC   3,5 €
Old school death, obscure and brutal.

Oswenzim (RUS) "Heil Neu Schwaben!"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     NS Black metal.
Oven "III"   Demo Tape  
3,00 €
Ovskum (ITA) "Ovskum"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw and melancholic Black Metal.

Pagan  "The last circle of the Abyss… to the coming"    cassLP     3,00 €     1st full album of this old Black Metal band on tape. Great cold BM, much inspired by the early 90's Norwegian Black Metal.
Pagan Eternal (FRA) "Goatlord devastation"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Aggressive raw black metal.
Pagan Flame / Frost (CAN) "Vinland Alliance"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan black metal from Canada.
Pagan Hammer (USA) "Pagan Wolves / Foresight"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pagan Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Pagan Hellfire (CAN) "On the path to triumph"    cassLP     3,00 €     New album of this great band now also on tapes! Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Pagan Hellfire (CAN) "Solidarity"    cassLP     3,00 €     Attention High Quality Black Metal. Tape version of the newest album Solidarity on THP. New Amazing Album, 7 Songs of pure Unholy Heathen Black Metal from the Eastern Shores of Vinland: Quality Music! Manufactured tape Red and Black and comes with pin. Limited to 300 copies.
Pagan Wrath (MEX) "Ancestral Warriors"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Sick Black Metal with razors riffs and crazy sick tortured vocals ! killer work, with members from INFERNAL HATE! MC LTD to 250 copies Handnumbered.
Paganfire (PHI) "Pagkatay Sa Mapagpanggap"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw/dirty and pure thrashing attack! 8 songs + intro / outro. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Pale Mist (UK) "From a cruel obscurity"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Second demo from this cold misanthropic black metal act! One mans screams of hatred and torment spread over 3 tracks from this lone englishman! Limited to 150 handnumbered copies on hard paper pro covers!
Pale Mist (UK) "In The Valley Where The Mist Never Fade"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Great, misanthropic and depressive Black Metal from United Kingdom. Newest demo, limited to 200.
Pale Mist (UK) "Where the Darkness is Praised"    cassLP     3,00 €
Panzerfrost (SPA) "Explicit Grimness"    cassLP     3,00 €     2nd full-length. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Para Tu Eterno (BRA) "Vitória e Honra"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Satanic grim raw black metal.
Paragon Impure (BEL) "EPs"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape limited to 300 copies. Compilation of the two EP's. Side A : ""In Commemoration of Ish Kerioth"" (first Ep on Painiac Records). Side B : Untitled (second Ep on Painiac Records)

Patriarch (ITA) "Tyrant In The North" Tape   3,00 €

PD SS Totenkopf (BEL) "Northern wind / Sny wauka"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape compilation of their first 2 demos.
Perisynti (FIN) "Hiilenmustua lammas"    cassLP     3,00 €     Cold, satanic Underground Black Metal in the Finnish tradition!
Persecutor (POL) "Wings of Death"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Death metal in the old polish vein! Killer black/silver layout - 666 handnumbered copies.
Perterricrepus (SVK) "The dark age of the Carpathia"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw, cold, emotional and majestic Aryan black metal with ambient touches. Pro-cover. 9 tracks – 50 min.
Perverse Monastyr (BUL) "Promo 2008"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pervert and blasphemous Black Metal
Pest (GER) "Vado Mori"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw and grim Black Metal Necromancers. A tribute to the plague of the 14th century, pure dark essence. Limited to 300 copies.
Pestilentia (BLR) "Pestilentia"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo, raw black metal. Great artwork, with both sided stickers, and an extra sticker with Pestilentia logo!
Phantasmagory (UKR) "Anamorphosis of Dreams"    cassLP     3,00 €     Progressive Death/Jazz/Black metal.
Piorun (POL) "Stajemy Jak Ojce"    cassLP     3,00 €     Folk/ambient. Pro-covers, pro-stickers.

Pogavranjen (CRO) "The Void Transmission" Tape   3,00 €
Pogavranjen is a Croatian Black Metal Horde from Zagreb. Utilizing the full force of a full band channeling a unique atmosphere. 5 tracks make up the debut demo of this band and each one has a life of it's own. Professionally recorded and highly recommended for fans of true and to the point Black Metal Art. Limited to 200 copies.

Pogost (BLR) "For Those Who Sleep Forever..."    cassLP     3,00 €     Funeral Ambient Metal. Limited to 111 handnumbered copies. Pro-cover with both sided pro-stickers!
Primeval Mass (GRE) "Atermon"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black primordial cult.
Primeval Mass (GRE) "Enlightened Black Gnosis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw black metal from the Hellenic horde Primeval Mass eternally dedicated to Enlightened Black Gnosis.
Profondis Requiem (FRA) "Divine Nocturnal Torments"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Melancholic Doom Black Metal.
Progetto:ChaosGoat.666 (ITA) "Cosmic Eraser of Lifeforms "   Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black/noise, limited to 500.
Psilocybe Larvae (RUS) "Stigmata"    cassLP     3,00 €     Progressive black metal.
Pure (SWI) "And the Waters turned to Blood" Tape   3 €
Second Album for this Swiss Band. PURE plays an melancholic and raw true Black Metal with doom Parts. 5 Tracks for more 34 min... Tape limited to 100 Copies. 

Purulent Rites (HUN) "'13"   Demo Tape     3,00 €
Pyre (USA) "Totalitarian"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Dark demonic Black Metal, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Raggradarh (BUL) "An Ode for the Undead Bulgaria"    cassLP     3,00 €     MC lim. to 200 handnumbered copies. Pagan Black Metal.
Raggradarh (BUL) "Battle"    cassLP     3,00 €     Ancient black metal from Bulgaria. Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Raggradarh (BUL) "Cold Foggy Hills"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 200 copies by hand,
Raggradarh (BUL) "IYI"    cassLP     3,00 €     Ancient black metal from Bulgaria. Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Raggradarh (BUL) "Raggradarh"    cassLP     3,00 €     Ancient black metal from Bulgaria! Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Raggradarh (BUL) "The Mower"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan black metal. Thei 2009 full-length, limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Raggradarh/Vanyar (BUL/UK) "Split" Tape   3,5 €
Raining Forest / Cold Abyss (WAL/BRA)    Split    MC     3,00 €    Debut works from two cold, depressive, sorrowful Black Metal act's from Wales and Brazil. Tape limited to 300 hand numbered
copies (Pro covers + Tape stickers)
Rammer (CAN) "Incinerator + bonus tracks"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Good old school thrash heavy metal with 80's influences
Rapture Messiah (MEX) "Sodomized in the Cross"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Grim and Harsh black metal from Mexico. These guys know how to play fast and brutal! No mercy, no remorse, their plague will be released upon mankind!
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "A Ascensão Da Arrogância, Ódio E Intolerância    cassLP     3,00 €     War Black Metal with some old Sarcófago/Vulcano influences. Pro-tape and pro-cover, limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "Força beligerante brasileira: Culto à  guerra!    cassLP     3,00 €     3 demos + rehearsal combined on one tape. Different and original aggressive and intense war black metal with some thrash touches.
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "Sentinelas no Front"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     3 unpublished songs + Retaliador & Hellhammer cover´s. Pro-cover.
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (BRA) "Terras Sul-Americanas do ódio"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Oldschool Black Metal influencied by bands like Bathory and Sarcófago.
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle + Vulvapest (BRA)    Split    Demo Tape     3,00 €     War hateful brazilian blackmetal vs blasphemous chilean blackmetal. Vulvapest has Tarroth (Morbid Goat Fornicator) on vocals and Azgorth (Nerkroth) on guitars. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Ready To Fuck (BRA) "The Obscure Side of Sexism"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Sadomasochist old school Black Metal. Second demo of these Hell maniacs. 1 Sexist intro + 4 diabolical tracks. Full alcoholic possession and perversion!
Remmirath (SVK) "Smrt Putnikova"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Slovakian cold black metal with an unique touch. Ravenheart tape release, limited to  500 handnumbered copies.
Revage (POR) "Icy land"    Demo Tape     3,50 €     Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Revenge (GRE) "Nail them all"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Re-released through Herege Warfare Prod. Limited to 113 handnumbered copies.

Rigor Sardonicous (USA) "Vallis ex umbra de mortuus"    cassLP     3,00 €     Funeral Doom / Death Metal from the United States. No hope, No Future, No Survivors.
Rites of Cleansing (GER) "Nemesis (Promo 2004)"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Filthy, intense and hypnotising black metal, with varying speeds ranging from midtempo to fast, 4 songs/20 minutes of black metal storm which will perhaps appeal to those who like Absurd, Abyssic Hate and Burzum. Featuring Aer from Erhabenheit, Wolfsschrei, Total Hate (Ger) and Wolfthorn.

Rotem (POR) "Dehumanization" MC   3,5 €
One man band's Rotem debut album, Dehumanization - the name says it all! -, is clearly an ode to mankind ability to destroy itself, here in the most raw Black / Death Metal. The tape format includes a cover of Celtic Frost "Procreation of the Wicked" and two extra tracks "Behind the Mask" and "Creating Man", which were not on the cd version. Tape limited to 111 handnumbered copies.

Rotem (POR) “Nightmare Forever” MC   3,5 €
After their most promising debut album, ROTEM returns with "Nightmare Forever", this time more death metal oriented. Old-school touches together with catchy and memorable riffs with the personal views of the one-soul behind this project.  It's heavy and very bottom-end, with a solid, natural and very professional sound - but not "over-produced" and polished like a lot of the death metal releases of today. Tape limited to 66 handnumbered copies. Released on June 2015.

Sadiztik Impaler (SIN) "Demonic sadiztik onslaught"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Unholy barbaric true singapura black thrashing metal. Reissue with a big pro-cover layout!
Sagn (FRA) "Sur la colline"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Pagan Black Metal with folk elements plus a Temnozor cover.
Saltus (POL) "Triumf"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Pro-cover with both sided pro-stickers. Werewolf Promotions.
Saltvind (RUS) "Eternal whisper of celestial north chamber"    cassLP     3,00 €     Folk/ambient heathen project. Your soundtrack for battle! Quality cover & stickers! Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Samhain (RUS) "De doctrina diaboli"    cassLP     3,00 €     True and evil satanic black metal
Sartegos (SPA) "As fontes do negrume"    cassLP     4,00 €     Obscure, intense, rotten and cavernous. Death/Black metal for the fans of Morbosidad, Teitanblood, Cruciamentum. Limited to 266 handnumbered copies, first 100 are pro-tapes!
Satan (PER) "The fallen crow"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     From the helvete of Misti an anthology of the one most occult and dark bands of ambient black metal of Peru, showing the more satanical songs of our supreme nature...
Satanachia Agliareth (ARG) "Bafomet"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Black Metal for the ones into GRIMA MORSTUA and GEVURAHEL. Truly grim hymns.
Satanic Prophets (BRA) "Ódio, Guerra & Supremacia"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw barbaric black metal.
Satanichrist (BRA) "Worship"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Diabolous Productions (BOL) re-released this demo as tape with 6 live bonus tracks in January 2007.
Sator Marte (CZE) "Odesel cas vychladle Hlavne"    MC     3,00 €     4 new tracks + intro from this killer horde. Lim. 500 handnumbered.
Scarificare (POR) "Sulphurous wrath"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black metal in the vein of old Mayhem.
Seelengreif (GER) "Jenseits der Schatten"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Groll (Odal, Sterbend Besungen) and Taaken(Odal, Aske, Barastir, Wolfschrei,...) are members of this german melodic and atmospheric black metal project combined with acustic guitars.
Seges Findere (BRA) "Death To Peace Is Our Gospel"    cassLP     3,00 €     3 demos + an unreleased track. Fast, evil and brutal holocaustic war NS black metal. Pro-cover. 12 tracks.
Seges Findere (BRA) "Process ov Desratization"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Primitive and intolerant raw Black Metal.
Seges Findere + Via Dolorosa (BRA/ITA) "W.P.S.S."    MC     3,00 €     Split 2008 from these two mighty hordes!
Sekhmet (CZE) "Masová Ocista Cloveka"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pure Black Metal. Reminds old Immortal. A great band that soon will be a cult. (Pro b/w cover and limited to 300 copies).
Sekhmet (CZE) "Okularis Infernum"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of their 2nd full-length. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Sekhmet (CZE) "Opus Zrudy - Opus Monstrosity"    cassLP     3,00 €     3rd full-length, one of the best czech hordes! High quality paper cover + stickers.
Sekhmet / Evil Dead (CZE/SVK) "Victims of the Cult"    cassLP     3,00 €     Promising fresh black metal band in legacy of old scene pure evil, hatred / Totally raw underground black metal of roughest caliver.

Sekhmet (CZE) "Words of the Master"   MC   3,50 €

Semai (CZE) "Nebe nezná vyvolených"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw, primitive antichristianity Black Metal.
Sentimen Beltza (SPA) "Iltzeak"    cassLP     6,00 €     Raw galician blackmetal with members from Nakkiga, Lúpulo, HEllthrone, Mortinatum. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Shadows Ground (UKR) "Black Dead Winds"    cassLP     3.5     Excellent raw BM, pro-cover and stickers, handnumbered.
Shadows Ground (UKR) "First fucking crime"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Excellent raw, sick, misanthropic black metal! High quality pro-cover. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Shadows Ground (UKR) "In Eternal Coldness of the Night"    cassLP     3.5     Pro-cover with both-sided stickers. Limited to 66 handnumbered copies.
Shadows Ground (UKR) "Phantom of dead star"    cassLP     3.5     Another killer release by the Ukranian horde.
Shall Suffer the Eclipse (BRA) "A Walk in the Path of Morbid Existence"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Nihilistic black metal with necro vocals.
Shoggoth (RUS) "Pandemia of hatred"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Underground Black Metal as its best. Undoubtedly, very much promising band.
Silva Nigra (CZE) "Cerný Kult"    cassLP     3,00 €     3rd full-length. Limited to 500 copies.
Sirin (SVK) "Moja Otcina"    cassLP     3,00 €     2nd full-length. Limited to 300 copies, pro-covers & pro-stickers.
Sivyi Yar (RUS) "Lands of Fearless Birds"    cassLP     3,00 € 

Sivyi Yar (RUS) "The Night"    cassLP     3,00 €  
Sivyi Yar (RUS) "Winter Darkness Without Times"    cassLP     3,00 €  
Sivyi Yar (RUS) "Dualfaith"    cassLP     3,00 €   

Sivyi Yar (RUS) "The Dawns Were Driting As Before   3 €   Slavonic Black Metal from Russia. Newest stuff! Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Sivyj Yar (RUS) “From The Dead Villages' Darkness” MC   3 €

Sivyj Yar (RUS) "The Unmourned Past" MC   3,50 € 

Skeeltron (GER) "Forest of darkness"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     A chaotic and frightening chase through a forest you don't know... Haunted by unknown spirits you can not see. You are being hunted, and they are close!
Skoll (ITA) "Through the Mist we Come Back"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Mighty Pagan Black Metal.

Skoll (ITA) "Misty Woods" MC   3 €
Skoll (ITA) "Grisera" MC  3 €   Cult Italian Heathen Ambient/Black Metal. New album, limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Skoll (ITA) "Of Misty Fire We Are" MC   3,50 €   

Slain / Worthless (BEL) "Mass world suicide"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Slain is original Dark ambient while Worthless (featuring members of Paragon Impure, Grimfaug, Lugubrum) plays Raw Depressive, mid paced Black Metal. 
Slavecrushing Tyrant / Severe Storm (POL) "We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood" MC   3,5 €

Slavigrom / Hromovlad (SVK) "Perperuna"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of this split. Pro-cover with both-sided stickers.
Slavland (POL) "Lechita"    cassLP     3.5     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. High quality tape edition.
Sola Svartnar (FRA) "Conquete"    cassLP     3,00 €     ""Conquete"" presents the sold out demo ""Sidera"" of raw pagan black metal + 3 unreleased instrumental tracks, full of epic feeling: battle, conquer, honour... Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. Another killer release from Sword Productions!!!
Solgrav (FIN) "Pimeys ylla pohjolan: 2001-2006"    cassLP     3,00 €     Heathen black metal.
Soulless (POL) "Peri Psyches"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Fast, brutal death metal. Includes Deicide cover. Limited to 150.
Soulless (POL) "Summoning heresy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Fast, brutal Death Metal. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Spearhead (UK) "Deathless steel command"    cassLP     3,00 €     Raging Black Metal with Death overtones.
Stigma Diabolicum / Aymrev Erkroz Prevre  Split    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cold atmospheric meditative ambiental soundscapes. Insikt release.
Stone to Flesh (SER) "Unveiled evil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Compilations of their 2 first demos. This is pre-THE STONE!

Stworz (POL) - "Po Czasu Kres" MC   3 €

Stworz (POL) "Coz Po Zyznich Ziemiach"   MC   3,50 €

Stworz (POL) "Zagony Bogów"   MC   3,50 €

Strzepy (POL) "?mier? we mnie, Nico?? poza mn?"    Demo Tape     4,00 €    An attempt to cast a new approach into so called black metal was made on this recording, containing severtity of the genre as well as its melancholic yet furious aura and mixing them with sounds that are rather unfamiliar to its pure vein, but still without being led too far astray from its very core. Lyrically it is an transposition of experience that can be best epitomized by the title of this EP: ""Death within me, Nothingness beyond me". Three tracks of which the one between is a bass improvisation.
Sturm Kommand (BUL) "Rehearsal III"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Recorded in 2009.08. War BM, side project of Alexander (ARYAN ART).

Sturmfolk (GER) "Von dunkler nordischer Schönheit" MC   3 €

Sturmgewehr (POL) "My honour is fidelity"    cassLP     3,00 €     True Poland War Metal.
Suffer Despair (USA) "Rotting souls"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Hateful suicidal Black Metal from Usa with hysterical vocals. Six tracks of pure torment and negativity. Limited to 166 handnumbered copies.

Sump (GBK) "Murder" Tape   3,00 €
The latest Sump demo featuring 6 new songs that have been a feature of Sump's live sets over the past year. Dedicated to further defining Sump's taste (or lack there of) for Black Metal tinged UK82 meets Oi! Recorded on cassette 4-track for extra clarity.

Sump (GBK) "VII: Ways To Pass Into Death‎" Tape   3,00 €
Svalfus (HUN) "Moribund"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Moribund Doom/Black Metal from Hungary. Deep and dark stuff! Limited to 50 copies.
Svart Hat (FRA) "Nihilistic Holocaust"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape Version of the Demo CDR release on the french label RESISTANCIA UNDERGROUND. 9 tracks (with a cover of BELKETRE) of French Nihilistic Radikal Black Metal. Pro black & white artwork.
Svartr Sturm (CAN) "Burn the soviet flag"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo. Harsh and raw NSBM.
Svartr Sturm (CAN) "Radikal View of a Better Day"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw NSBM demo, limited to 118 handnumbered copies.

Sventoyar (UKR) “Unity” MC   3 €

Swarost (POL) "Oblicze Kultu Cieni"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw and majestic Black Metal! Stuff dedicated to the highest values of this mortal world!! Limited to 333 pieces.
Szarlem (GER) "Night of blood"    cassLP     3,00 €     Limited to handnumbered 333 copies.

Szron (POL) "The Purificating Flame of Annihilation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Their CD version limited to 666 sold out fast. Now you have the chance to grab this on kult tape! Polish uncompromising black metal cult!! Killer tape full of hate.

Taarma (AFG) "Compiling The Wounds & Scars"    MC     3,00 €     Goat Music vomits to the world the solitude of Taarma. 9 hymns of darkest and sick Black Metal from Afghanistan. There where just a lonely and rotten soul could produce a cold and disturbing music, this MC released in south-America is actually a compilation of several music of that death's Cult, bringing varied expressions of a really pessimist soul. Pro-cover, limited in 500 copies numbered, just recommended to the Necro maniacs of this art!
Tank Genocide (FRA) "Ein Kampf, eine Waffe, eine Lösung / Fight for Glory"    MC     3,00 €     2 Demos on the same Tape!!! Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face! No Compromise. Just pure fucking Chaos! Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.
Tank Genocide (FRA) "The Voice of Revolt"    cassLP     3,00 €     The new Beast from France... Radikal, crude and raw Black Metal in your Face! No Compromise. Just pure fucking Chaos! Tape limited to 100 Copies with Artwork on luxurious gold Paper.

Tank Genocide / White Bastard (FRA) "Hatred of Underground / L'anarchie pour les salops"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork. French radikal and raw Black vs french raw Punk/RAC. Pure underground Release!!!
Temnohor (SVK) "Do Ponurých Smreèín Hmla Sa Zakráda"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Temnohor's masterpiece from the year 2005. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Temple Abattoir (SPA) "Sacrilege & Savagery"    cassLP     4,00 €     Pro-tape, limited to 100. Nigra Mors Productions.
Templum (BRA) "Templum"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Grim BM, cult brazilian band since 1995 releases a new demo. Highly influenced by the old scandinavian scene in early 90`s . Feat. members from Mythological Cold Towers and Spell Forest.
Tenebrae (POR) "Lusitana Dimensão Misantrópica"    Demo Tape     3,00 €  
Tenebrarum (POR) "Invoke wrathful lore"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black Metal. Limited to 100 copies.

Terdor (NED) "The Combat Action of 5 October 1944"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The beginning of Terdor's scream for WAR!!
Terdor/Gheestenland (NED) "Split 2008"    cassLP     3,00 €     "Finally, a new Dutch offense! The long awaited split between Terdor and Gheestenland. Both bands have earned a name in the scene, and now they have combined their forces. Terdor delivers 6 tracks of war black metal with some satanic hints, and Gheestenland performs 6 tracks of pure misanthropic christ-crushing black metal, of which 4 tracks are live recordings! As stated this tape is 'Ware NLBM voor de Elite'." Limited to 250 copies.
Terrorazor (GER) "After the end"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Seven tracks of old school grind core!
Tessaract (UKR) "A sudden outcome"    cassLP     3,00 €     Legendary Ukrainian Death Metal band. 11 tracks of strict ascetic but melodic Death Metal in the vein of the best Swedish bands.
Teth (HUN) "Felébredünk / We awake"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Weird Suicidal Black Metal Hate! Side project of Marblebog.
Tetraktys (GRE) "Voreion Sellas"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Esoteric ritual ambient art from Greece. Not dedicated to everyones ears but fans of this genre will highly enjoy the dark, vortical, mystic tones. Recorded by a past ""The Shadow Order"" member. Strictly limited to 300 copies."
Tetraskelion (GRE) "Walking On Heathen Soil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Thanathron (POL) "Hiarra"    cassLP     3,00 €    Includes four material: HIARRA STORM OF EVIL, TWILIGHT OF THE ANAL ERA, PROMO 2006, HELL IS HERE - over seventy minutes of the blasphemous fire. 300 copies.

The Krushers (ITA) "Megaloi Theoi"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Be prepared to face this massive hellish thrash fucking black metal attack! No compromises, no prisioners!!
The Last Knell (CHI) "Obscurum per obscurius"    MC     3,00 €     Recommended for fans of Deathspell Omega. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
The Last Twilight (SPA) "Unholy Terror Assault"    cassLP     3,00 €     Live Album released on tape format limited to 666 handnumered copies with stickers, by War Flagellation Productions. Recorded during the BM Ritual in Palas de Rei (XXIX.XII.MMVI), with one unreleased track.
The Stone (SER) "Magla"    cassLP     3,00 €     3rd full-length of the Serbian beasts...
The True Endless (ITA) "Wings of wrath"    cassLP     3,00 €     the official tape version of this raw black metal horde's well-acclaimed first CD album '03, bringing its 12 original tracks (including rehearsal / cover songs) + exclusively for this limited hand #500, 3 live bonus tracks and comes with different cover artwork / layout!
Thornspawn (USA) "Altars of the perverted flesh"    cassLP     3,00 €     This is an exclusive and infernal release to South America of a live appearance of one of the most brutal, satanic and impure bands from the United States hell.
Thulcandra (USA) "Black Spells Lexicon"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black Spells Lexicon is the impressive side project debut demo from Draugr (Obscurum)! It delivers 5 tracks, based upon white-nationalism and pagan, anti-modern ideas. Expect raw black metal mixed with pagan acoustic parts and even some clean vocals and synths, which shows the creative mind of Draugr! This demo has an atmosphere that really surrounds you.
Thunderkraft (UKR) "The Banner of Victory"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan Slavic Black Death.
Thy Funeral (HUN)    The end of life    cassLP     3,00 €    The End Of Life (unreleased album 2005)
First full-lenght album of this now-dead Hungarian band on tape!! This is the first and maybe the last release of this darknened, obscure and misanthropic Black Metal masterpiece!! Limited to 266 handnumbered copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED|| See picture: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w131/Markolab/thyfuneral.jpg
Tiwaz (BRA) "The Rune of Victory"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Demo from 2003, Pagan Black Metal.
To Arkham (PAR) "Born To hate + LivEvil"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The first demo + 1 unpublished discharge + 5 racks at live, include a Sarcófago cover, Kaotic and Blasphemous Black Metal.
Tod "Black vegeance"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Fast Black Metal with depressive and obscure lyrics, great sounds that remember Dark Throne.
Todeskampf (RUS) "DCLXVI"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw Russian Black Metal, their debut demo re-released, now with a pro.cover with lyrics!
Todestrieb (ITA) "Ordo Draconis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €    Tape 4 tracks. Killer occult grim Black.
Limited to 250 copies Pro artwork.

Tomb of Time (BUL) "Inner Satan"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Obscure Black Metal - extraordinary cross between HellHammer and old Beherit, limited to 500 copies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Tomb of... (GRE) "...The rotting break"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black funeral doom.
Tomhet (CAN) "Desolate Palace"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Black/Ambient from North America. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.
Torment (PER) "Satanic Black Terror"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Open the fire dimension through flame and wind, welcome to the satanic black terror!!!

Torsgard (SWE) "1996-2010"   3,5 €   Classic Swedish RAC band. Come back album, with unreleased tracks from silent years! Limited to 314 handnumbered copies.

Trimbreg (BUL) "I"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Another jewel of the Bulgarian underground... Raw and intense black metal.
TRISKÉLE (CAN) "Triade Nordique"    cassLP     3,00 €     New project of Skogen (Nord), and in a similar vein, although faster more violent. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Tumulum (POR) "Descanso Eterno"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     2nd demo of this most promising horde. Grim Black Metal with members from In Thy Flesh.
Tundra (ITA) "Ansia"    cassLP     3,00 €     Special layout for this tape release.
Twilight (NED) "Vreugdeliederen"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     No, these guys are not the "all star let's make money" Twilight from the US. These ones are dutch, and play Black/Ambient in the vein of Summoning with lyrics about European Medieval History.
Tymbos (GRE) "... For the wars to come"    cassLP     3,00 €     Full of hatred Greek Black. Through his Music, the Band revived the Spirit of ancient Greek Fighters ... Tape Version of this Full Length. Limited to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork
Tzelmoth (COL)    Arcano Lucifer    cassLP     3,00 €     Great and traditional Black Metal. Comes with the first demo as a bonus. Pro b/w cover and limited to 300 copies.

Ulfhethnar (ARG) "Essence of superiority"    cassLP     3,00 €     Brutal nationalist Black Metal from Southern Lands. Finally reissued onto Cassette.
Ulfsdalir / Hrimthursen (GER) "Ulfsdalir / Hrimthursen"    MC     3,00 €     Promo tape of the cd version.
Ulvdalir (RUS) "Soul Void"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the 2nd full-length. Raw and dark, yet with some melodic touches. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Ulvdalir (RUS) "Sacral Chalice of Foundations"   MC   3,50 €

Ulvegr (UKR) "Where the icecold blood storms"    MC     3,00 €     Atmospheric BM in the vein of Blazebirth Hall projects and HATE FOREST. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Uncreation's Dawn (FIN) "Lightning Hammer Falls"    cassLP     3.5     Devastating black metal.
Underdark (UKR) "I am above all"    cassLP     3,00 €     Hatefull unholy black metal.
Underdark (UKR) "The Truth that Lives"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape version of the 2nd demo.
Undimensional (USA) "s/t"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cassette version of the CD-R released on Unsung Heroes Records. Limited to 100 copies featuring an alternate layout.

Ungern (UKR) "One litre of blood"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Anti-communist black metal in the vein of Darkthrone, Mayhem and Beherit.
Ungern (UKR) "Shambala"    cassLP     3,00 €     Newest album from anti-communist Black Metal propagandists.
Unholy Archangel (GRE) "Obsessed by war"    cassLP     3,00 €    Hellenic Bestial War Metal Chaos !!! For Fans of ABHORER and CONQUEROR... Tape version of this fucking great Album.
Tape limted to 250 copies with pro printed Artwork.
Unholy Crucifix (NOR) "Seance of death"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     This demo comes off better than Morbid Edifice. Of course you have a pretty good idea what to expect from this band by now, but this demo is incredibly lo-fi. Listening to this with headphones on the volume has to be cranked. Now this is underground black metal!
Uno Actu (CAN) "L´eveil de l´ombre"    Demo Tape     3,50 €     Highly recommended ambient/black project from Canada. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Uruk-Hai (AUT) "Barbarians (Orcish Battle Hymns Pt.II)"     cassLP     3,00 €      Dark and mystic pagan ambient with battle atmosphere and some black metal touches. Tape version released by After Man Funerals Productions / Pagankrieg Records contains 5 bonus tracks!
Usurper (USA) "Diabolosis"   MC   3,50 €

Usurper (USA) "Skeleton season"   MC   3,50 €

Usurper (USA) "Threshold of the Usurper"   MC   3,50 € 

Utstott (USA) "Legender Odin"    MC     3,00 €     First Release for this solo Project from Portland (USA). Melodic Pagan / Viking Metal for Fans of WINDIR, SUMMONING,... Tape limited to 150 Copies with color Artwork.

V/A "Bestial Necromancy"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     18 bestial Black/Death hymns of total goat worship featuring Sargatanas, Necroccultus, Blaspherian, Grave Desecrator, Tyrants Blood, Nocturnal Graves, Amok, Blasphemophagher, Death To This World, Almighty Sathanas, Nekysia, Black Torment, Crucifiction, Nocturnal Vomit, Hekseri, Nekroth, Istidraj and Godemiche.
V/A "Bottomless Pit compilation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Killer compilation with Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Infernal Goat, The True Endless, Contamino, Vexed, Handful of Hate, Triumphator, Malvento, Imago Mortis and lot more!!!
V/A "Embers of Faith"    cassLP     3,00 €     Great compilation with Nordreich, Bilskirnir, Flammentod, Sieg Oder Lod...
- DÔG (Hun): Old School Ugly Death Metal, project of Marblebog and Drünken
Bastards (4+1 tracks)
- DRUNKEN BASTARS (Hun): Drünken punky hard Thrash (2+1 tracks)
- FUNEBRE (Hun): Black Metal (2+1 tracks)
- RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE (Bra): Black Metal (3+1 tracks)
- SACRIFICALl DAGGER (Fin): Great Speed/Thrash Metal with Neutron Hammer
and Evoked Curse members (2+1 tracks)
V/A "Maldit6 Sign6 Malign6"    MC     3,50 €     Almost 88 minutes of playing time!! THY attack of 19 bestial hordes on a single tape (pro-cover): Pathogen, Catacumba, Xerbeth, Nocturnal Hell, Infernal, Nakkiga, Noche Eterna and much more!! 333 Hell-copies limited and handnumbered.
V/A "Misanthropic Spirit part II"    cassLP     3,00 €     very excellent undergroud tape compilation with bands like : Wolfschrei, Irhmgaar, Funeral Forest, Misantrok,  Nemossos, Paganblut, Grimlair, Tjern, Eisiger Wald, Herjan, Licantrhopy´s Spell(r.i.p), Kveldulf, Kvellen. 78 minutes of pure fuking underground black metal . 13 tracks one hidden bonus.
V/A "Solve et Coagula"    cassLP     3,00 €     MORTUARY DRAPE TRIBUTE, only with Italian bands! Pro-cover with pro-stickers.
V/A "United by Blood, Gathered by Iron"    cassLP     3,00 €     Via Dolorosa / Holocaustus / Endlosung / Stürm Kommand / Uriburu on this great edition.
V/A "United under banner of war"    cassLP     3,00 €     15 hordes contribute for this compilation: Kagan, Warraha, Stworz, Fjord, Wolforder, Ruina, Sonn Av Skogen, Celtic Dance, Death Army, Mind Propaganda, Zerivana, Drakonian Age, Frost, Pestscwadron, Embersreich. Limited to 314 handnumbered copies.
Valar (FIN) "Hidden Paths"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tolkien's Dark Medieval Metal. This demo is a special collection of unreleased material between 1998 and 2000.
Vanyar (UK) "Leaving..." Tape   3 €
Vanyar (UK) "Triumph Of Vanishing" Tape   3 €
Vapulah (POR) "Depressive Caterwaul of the Sombre Figures"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Obscure black metal, limited to 200 copies.
Varathron (GRE) "Genesis of apocryphal desire"    cassLP     4,00 €     Compilation of rare and early work by the Hellenic cult.
Varathron (GRE) "The Lament of Gods"    cassLP     3,50 €    The mini-album originally released in 1999! Four original tracks and a cover of MERCYFUL FATE's "Nuns Have No Fun".

Velaad (SWE) "Hvilans Boning"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Negative, melancholic Blackmetal.
Veldraveth (VEN) "For the glory of Satan"    cassLP     3,00 €     Old-school Black Metal from Venezuela! This release is a collection of songs from their 3 demos, previously only available in CD-R format. Rawness and cruelty for the glory of Satan. Get it or DIE!! Egg of Nihilism Productions. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Veldraveth (VEN) "Temples of the Black Flame"    cassLP     3.5 €    2nd full-length of Venezuela's finest: unique south-american Black Metal, rawness and cruelty with an aggressive production. Pro-cover, coloured both sides, high quality glossy paper. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Venedae (POL) "Dekada s³owiañskiej supremacji 1993-2003"    cassLP     3,00 €    Album from 2003 finally in tape format, over 60 minutes of Heathen War Black Metal

Venedae / Archandrja (POL) "Miecze Rujewita ponad falami Baátyku"     cassLP     3,00 €     A new tape release from these two merciless bands from the underground of Polish Black Metal. 
Verzivatar (HUN) "Transcendent infection"    MC     3,50 €

Vesano (BRA) "Em mim, um morto"   MC   4 €
Vexed (ITA) "Nighmare holocaust"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the cd originally released 
in 2003 via Witches Brew. This tape version contains 2 bonus tracks.
Vexillum (GER) "Templum Interior"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Second storm of chaotic and cacophonous black metal with the same unique sound and morbid atmosphere of the first tape. A fast and devastating anti-melodic representation of chaos. Heidens Hart services.
Via Dolorosa (ITA) "Forever Kaly Yuga"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cassette reissue of several old sold out demo tracks. Rough edged Italian NSBM. Only those truly dedicated to rehersal/demo sound material will enjoy this.
Via Dolorosa (ITA) "Mahabharata"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo + live recording combined on one tape. Raw and aggressive war NS black metal. Pro-cover. 18 tracks.
Via Dolorosa / Totenkopf (ITA) "Avanguardie di Morte"    Demo Tape     3,00 € 

Vide (USA) "Vide"    cassLP     3,00 €     Collection of demos. Primitive and very noisy material. At times it almost sounds like a wall of distortion with the music trying to fight through the chaos.
Viento Patagonico (ARG) "Esperando por un Holocausto / Maldad"    cassLP     3,00 €     Very good black metal! Limited to 150 handnumbered copies.
Viento Patagonico (ARG) "Taking Roots in Grief     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo 2010, released via Winter Solace Productions, limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
VII Batallón De La Muerte (ARG) "...et pereat mundus"    MC     3.5 €    Re-release of their single with 5 bonus tracks: 40 minutes of superb epic masterpiece!
Vike Tare (GER) "The tide of revelation"    cassLP     3,00 €

Vindicta (RUS) "Rising Star of Armageddon"    cassLP     3,00 €     Listen to Black Mantras spoken in russian and latin by the witch. Six tracks in fast and raw way full of hatred and Satanic possession + tribute to old days as Beherit cover. Limi ted to 333 handnumbered copies, pro-covers with both sided pro-stickers.
Vinterriket (GER) "7-Zoll Kollektion 2002"    cassLP     3,00 €     Collection of VINTERRIKET recordings taken from sold out EPs of 2002 with material from the splits with Northaunt, Manifesto, Veiled Allusions, Fjelltrone and a Burzum cover.
Vinterriket (GER) "Eiszwielicht / Firntann"    MC     3,00 €     Pro-cover. Limited to 500 copies.
Vinterriket (GER) "Von Eiskristallen... Und Dem Ewigen Chaos / Das Wi"    cassLP     3,00 €     Cold, Dark, Melancholic, Loneliness...
Vinterriket (GER) "Zeit-Los:Laut-Los"    MC     3,00 €     Pro-cover. Limited to 500 copies.
V-Kaos (SWE/POR) "Demo II"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     A strange mix between Black Metal and twisted ambient music. Recommended.
Voido Quontur (ITA) "Wolves are descending in town"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Three tracks of mysterious and epic Black Metal for a total lenght of almost half an hour that should pleased all the old school Black Metal fanatics and those that are still proudly stock in the early nineties.
Volkermord (GBR) "Ancient Fascists Return"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape version of the 2008 full-length. Pro-cover with VON's cover as bonus.
Volkssturm "The observance of winter in olderfather hall"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Coldest than the ice is this band with 4 travels around the freezing universe, a travel through the aurora borealis!!
Vomito Negro (CHI) "Repugnante devoción"   3 €   Debur demo

Vorkuta (HUN) "Into the chasms of lunacy"    cassLP     3,00 €     Black metal from the forest depths. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.Vrag (HUN) "Benaterdo"    MC     3,50 €
VRT 139 (POR) "Demo 2009"    Demo Tape     3,00 €
VTA (ITA) "Vesuvian Thrash Attack"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Old school Thrash Metal in the vein of old Sarcófago.
Vuimago (NED) "Vurahva" MC   3,5 €   Demo-tape limited to 100 copies.
Vulto (POR) "Promo"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw black metal.
Vulturine (BRA) "Catharsis Aura"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Sick and misanthropic black metal from one of the best brazilian acts. Hail terror!!!
Vulturine (BRA) "The signs engraved in the harshclouds"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     The Ultimate Anti Human Manifest, Pure Misanthropic Black Metal. Pro cover, limited to 666 handnumbered copies.
Vulturine (BRA) "Um cruel destino para tudo que respira"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape limited to 333 handnumbered copies with pro-cover and pro-stickers, in a obscure and powerfull death's design.
Vvrika / Dwarka / Ravagar / Twilight (NED) "Thinking, Feeling, Willing..."    cassLP     3,00 €     Raw, aggressive Aryan black metal vs. cold and dark pagan folk ambient vs. dark and intense pagan black metal vs. cold ritual pagan ambient folk black metal. Pro-cover. 14 tracks - 88 min.


Wûrm (CAN) "Oublis"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Cold, suicidal Black Metal from Quebec. First-rate stuff from one of Canada's most original new acts! This release compiles the three tracks from the Suicide Pact split with Grim Winter, plus two previously unreleased tracks.
Wacht (SWI) "Tschinch ons sainza cumpromiss - Rehearsal II - 05"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Great tracks for this rehearsal from this black metal horde. Handnumbered.
Wacht (SWI) "Wacht / Fin chal Muond es SfrachÃ"     cassLP     3,00 €     True Black Metal from the real elite of Switzerland’s scene!! This collectional tape contains the first two raw and superior demos of this dedicated horde! Limited to 202 handnumbered copies. 

Waldgefluster (GER) "Stimmen im Wind"    Demo Tape     3,50 €     German black metal, limited to 150 copies.
Walpurgi (AUT) "Hass & Geschrei"    MC     3,00 €     Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
Wangelen (CHI) "El camino pagano"    cassLP     3.5 €    2010 compilation, released via AMF. All their excellent material in one tape.
Warbutcher (USA) "Curse of age"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     True U.S. Skinhead War Metal.
War Of The Roses (UK) "S/T" Tape   3,00 €
Warfare (CHI) "Voices from Hell"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Debut demo recorded back in 2001, re-released in 2002. The southern holocaust has begun!!! Great 8 black metal himns from the south. 

Warforest (CAN) / Gnieu (BLR) “To The Dying Earth” MC   3 €

Warhammer (GER) "Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse"    cassLP     3,50 €     Total HELLHAMMER/early CELTIC FROST worhip, played with passion and aggression. Originally released in 2002.
Warhammer (GER) "Deathchrist"    cassLP     4,00 €     Total HELLHAMMER/early CELTIC FROST worhip, played with passion and aggression. Originally released in 1999. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Warhammer (GER) "The Doom Messiah"    cassLP     3,50 €     Total HELLHAMMER/early CELTIC FROST worhip, played with passion and aggression. Originally released in 2000. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Warhammer (GER) "The Winter Of Our Discontent"    cassLP     4,00 €     Total HELLHAMMER/early CELTIC FROST worhip, played with passion and aggression. Originally released in 1997. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Warmarch (SVK) "Bestial Rehearsal (For Master Satan)"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     For fans of BEHEXEN,KATHARSIS. Limited to 300 copies.
Warwulf (USA) "Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "Embracing the black arts of the cold and glorious nostalgic B.M.Warwulf guides the journey to the dark hymns over the holocaust landscapes with this vampiric demo. Summonings and Howls, chanting upon the desolate ruins where war is the is the only answer and the left hand path is the only way" Bonus (Seigneur Voland cover) Highly and 100% influenced by the old school 90's French black metal Scene (Kristallnacht / Seigneur Voland) Fucking good work, This War ugly grim act is Manipulated by Wulfskrieger also member from Battle Dagorath, Mc limited to 300 Handnumbered comes with a special great cover design!
Wedard (GER) "Eiskrieg"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape 4 long tracks. Cold, melancholis and desesperate Black Metal. Pro printed artwork. Limited to 250 copies.

Weisshorn (SWI) "Au-Dela Du Soleil Invaincu"   MC   3,00 € 
Weltbrand (NED) "Radiance Of A Thousand Suns"    cassLP     3,00 €     Nihilistic assault black metal.
Weltbrand (NED) "The Cloud Of Retaliation    cassLP     3,00 €     Nihilistic assault black metal.
Werewolf  (POL) "The Order of Vril    cassLP     3.5 €    Mighty black metal from Poland. 2nd full-length, after the unique "The Temple of Fullmoon". Pro cover & pro stickers. Limited to 350 handnumbered copies.

Wewelsburg (RUS) "Im deinst der Deutsche Wehrmacht"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Demo from 2005.8 Pure Slavonic Hate 88!
Wewelsburg (RUS) "The Anti-Architect"    cassLP     3,00 €     Debut full-length. 8 Pure Slavonic Hate 88!
White Bastard (FRA) "Infidéles"    cassLP     3,00 €     Tape Album 2012. 9 Tracks. French raw Punk / RAC. Pure fucking underground Music! Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.
White Bastard (FRA) "l'au-del'a"     cassLP     3,00 €     French raw Punk / RAC. 8 Tracks. The Demo "
l'au-del'a" + 4 Bonus Tracks. Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork
White Bastard (FRA) "Oeil pour oeil"    cassLP     3,00 €    French raw Punk / RAC. 12 Tracks. The Demo ""Oeil pour oeil"" + 6 Bonus Tracks. Tape limited to 100 Copies with color Artwork.

White Medal (UK) "Heathen Ridings Return" Tape   3,00 €


Widder (HOL) "First journey" MC   3,5€

Four tracks of doomed black/ambient metal, alternating passages of mystical, dream-like soundscapes and bone chilling riffs that cut like icy glaciers through solid rocks. The ultimate atmosphere of majestical ambient black metal opens... "The air vibrates with anticipation as the hidden nature of all things slowly unfolds itself"... Comes on single sided cassette with handmade drawing, and special cardboard cover in an edition of 100 handnumbered copes.
Wings of War (POL) "Prepare for war"    MC     3,00 €     Raw Black/Thrash Metal from Poland. EP 2007 on tape, limited to 333 hand-numbered copies. Pro cover and pro stickers. 
Wings of War (POL) "Battle Hymn"    MC     3,00 €     Raw Black/Thrash Metal from Poland. EP 2006 on tape, limited to 333 hand-numbered copies. Pro cover and pro stickers. 

Winter Blasphemer (POL) "Legion Nienawisci"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Pro-cover & both-sided stickers. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
Winter Deluge (NZE) "As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity"   3,5 €   Raw Black Metal from New Zealand. Tape edition of full album with bonus tracks. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

Wintergewitter (GER) #Operation Wintergewitter"     cassLP     3,00 €
Winterkald (SWE) "Finsternis"    cassLP     3,00 €     Very different from the rehearsal-tapes. Sorrowful and very cold dark ambient!!
Winterkrieg (GER) "Verachtung..."    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw hateful german black metal , demo 2004, tape ltd to 100.
Witchcurse (GRE) "Demon's warning"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Traditional thrash/heavy metal. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Wodanaz (BRA) "Barbarismo e Sangue em Honra aos Deuses do Aço"    MC     3,00 €     Live concert from the Brazilian Pagan Black Metal band! Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Wolfhowl (GRE) "The Purity Of Mother Nature" MC   3,00 €  

Wolok (FRA) "Caput Mortuum"    cassLP     3.5 €    Strange & Terrific French Black Metal.
Tape Version of the Last Full Lenght. Limited to 250 copies. Artwork on Gold Paper. Excellent edition!
Woods of Belial (FIN) "Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 666 Yndstr Draconis / Th"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Depressive Industrialized Black Doom Metal. Polygraphy: professionally printed bilateral coloured cover. Printrun: 1000 copies. Date of releasing: 16.11.2003

Worvhallag (POL) "Worvhallag"    cassLP     3,00 €     Demo tape collections and 2 bonus trax. Raw Black Metal.
Wotanorden (USA) "Aryan Culture Preservation"    cassLP     3,00 €     Vinlandic Hammer Metal... Limited to 500, pro-covers and stickers.
Wotanorden (USA) "From the Storm Come the Wolves"    cassLP     3,00 €     Vinlandic Hammer Metal... Limited to 500, pro-covers and stickers.

Wschód (POL) "Oddalenie"   MC   3 €
Wyrd (FIN) "Heathen"    cassLP     3,00 €     Pagan Black Metal in the vein of Burzum. Debut full-length.
Wyrd (FIN) "The Ghost Album"    cassLP     3,00 €     Finnish Heathen Metal (previously Hellkult), a project of Narqath (Azaghal, Vultyr). 6th full-length.

Xérion (SPA) "Na Búsqueda do Primixenio"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Tape edition limited to 500 copies, with two bonus tracks!
Xérion (SPA) "Nocturnal Misantropia"    cassLP     3,00 €     The first full-length of this Galician Folk Black Metal horde. The riffs of this album are very good, with an intense atmosphere of darkness, really catchy and powerful. The drums are simply perfect, vocals very dark and properly worked and to complete the sound some keyboards to create more depth in the sound. The production is very good too, all the instruments are very clear. The whole is a high quality black metal full of feeling and memorable atmospheres. Limited to 666 handnumbered copies.

Xérion (SPA) "Pálida Morte, Negra Sombra"    cassLP     3,00 €     Newest material from Xerion, very well done Black Metal with epic and majestic atmosphere. It's about mythology, occultism, Darkness, Death and times long ago forgotten. Bonus side was previously released by Nigra Mors on split-CD with Decayed in 2005 a.b. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies, pro-covers with both sided pro-stickers.
Xerbeth (BOL) "Fuerzas del Mal"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Satanic horde. 4 killer tracks + Maniac Butcher cover. Only hellish raw Black Metal here. All in blasphemous Spanish!!!

Zaebros / Agailiarept (AUS) "The Birth of Blasphemy"     Demo Tape     3,00 €     Raw, violent and hateful black metal. First demo. Think beherit meets darkthrone & old mayhem. Recorded back in 2003 and finally released! Agailiarept is fast, harsh and grim black metal.
Zaratustra (BUL) "It was a night"    cassLP     3,00 €     Atmospheric Black Metal with nordic influences.
Zavod31 (BUL) "Collection"    cassLP     3.5 €    Tape compilation of this NS noise/ambient acts entire catalog. Their full length and first demo track are crammed onto a 2 sided tape. Over an hour of bizarre and chaotic noise/ambient/industrial, not for the metal die-hards of the world. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Winter Solace.
Zcerneboh (POL) "Wilcza Noc Czarciej Przysiegi"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     "WOLF NIGHT OF DEVILISH OATH". Track titles appear in Polish and in English on the cover. Limited to 280 copies.
Zumtot (FRA) "Occident"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Folk/pagan Blackmetal with some RAC touches. Comes with pro-stickers!Limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Zwartplaag (NED) "Promo 2009"    Demo Tape     3,00 €     Two new studio tracks in full line-up, and one track taken from the "Nachtkwaad" tape.

Arghura    SPA    #8    Zine     3,00 €     95 A5 pages! Interviews to Denial, Temple Abattoir, Wargoatcult, Ilbeltz, Omission, Lux Divina, Nemesis Aeterna, Ataraxy, Sylisium, Between the Frost, Aiumeen Basoa. Articles about mythology and female rock/metal singers, reviews and more... Spanish written.
Call To The Infernal Hordes    CRI    #6    Zine     4.5     MORTUARY DRAPE (Italy), BEHEXEN (Finland),CULTES DES GHOULES (Poland), EMBRACE OF THORS (Greece), ATOMIC AGGRESSOR (Chile), MINOTAUR (Germany), SLAUGHTBBATH (Chile), UNNAUSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile), CHEMICIDE (Costa Rica), RIOTOR (Canada), OMISSION (Spain), SPELLCRAFT (Spain), MORBID FLESH (Spain)
SINNERS BURN (Sweden), RECRUCIFY (Peru), BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR (Argentina), WISDOM (Paraguay), HADES ARCHER (Chile), BLEEDING FIST (Slovenia), ETERNAL (Costa Rica), BLACK GRAIL (Chile), BLACKER (Peru), NEFANDUS (Sweden), CEREKLOTH (Denmark), BLOODY SIGN (France), VULTURINE (Brazil). Besides, mercilessly acid-like approached reviews on Lp's, CD's, demo tapes, 7""eps and fanzines. Local concert reports for those who want to ""taste"" what the fuck is going on in this god forsaken land called Costa Rica as about metal is concerned! All this shit written in decent English gathered in 86 A 4 sized pages printed on high quality Xerox and STRICTLY LIMITED TO 250 COPIES!

Escritas do Subsolo    POR    # IV    Zine     4,00 €     "Interviews: Annthennath (Fra), Mandatory (Ger), Egg of Nihilism Productions (Por), Drünken Bastards (Hun), Einsamtod (Svk), Empty (Spa), Mandibula (Por), Dér (Hun), Entrails (Swe), Cult of Erinyes (Bel), The Frost (Cro), Grotesque Communion (Bra).
Tribute to Drudkh (Ukr). Articles: Pre-Roman Lusitania (part II). Reviews to Vinyls, Tapes, CDs and fanzines.
Escritas do Subsolo    POR    #2    Zine     4,00 €     "Interviews: The Stone (SER), The Wizard of Doom (SWE), Decayed (POR), Graveyard (SPA), Vorkuta (HUN), Nekrogoat Heresy/War Flagellation Productions (POR), Undersave (POR), Vulturine (BRA), Deathrow (ITA), Vérzivatar (HUN). Articles: Attila, the Hun; H.P. Lovecraft. Reviews to Vinyls, Tapes and CDs. A4 format, Pro-printed, limited to 200 handnumbered copies."

Escritas do Subsolo    POR    #3    Zine     4,00 €     "TOMO III Hibernu MMX:
Taaken - Odal, Wolfsschrei, Aske, Seelengreif, Salvation666 (Ger), Veér (Hun), Riddle of Meander (Gre), Cripta Oculta (Por), Celtic Dance (Por), Arkenstone (Por), Bruma Obscura (Por), Eterna Penumbra (Spa), Convivial Hermit Magazine (USA), KRV (Bih), Evil (Bra) and Age of Agony (Hun). Tribute to Defuntos (Por). Articles: Pre-Roman Lusitania. Reviews to Vinyls, Tapes, CDs and fanzines. Poster A4."

Eterna Penumbra (SPA)    TShirt     9,00 €     Black TS, 1 side.