domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

Distro Update!

Frost (CAN) “Maitre des Illusions” MC   3 €
Gyotrelem (HUN) “Hopelessness” MC   3 €
Harag / Vrag (HUN) “s/t” MC   3 €
Kladovest (UKR) “Winterwards” MC   3 €
Likvann (NOR) “Furet og Vaerbitt” MC   3 €
Order of the Death’s Head (FRA) “Pogrom Ritual” MC   3 €

ROTEM (POR) “Nightmare Forever” MC   3,5 €
After their most promising debut album, ROTEM returns with "Nightmare Forever", this time more death metal oriented. Old-school touches together with catchy and memorable riffs with the personal views of the one-soul behind this project.  It's heavy and very bottom-end, with a solid, natural and very professional sound - but not "over-produced" and polished like a lot of the death metal releases of today. Tape limited to 66 handnumbered copies. Released on June 2015.

Sivyj Yar (RUS) “From The Dead Villages' Darkness” MC   3 €
Sventoyar (UKR) “Unity” MC   3 €
Warforest (CAN) / Gnieu (BLR) “To The Dying Earth” MC   3 €

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