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Distro Update

Actum Inferni (POL) "The embodiment of death" MC   3,5 €
First album of this satanist madness from Poland with a dark, obscure, agressive, melancholic and evil atmosphere. One of the best underground satanist Black Metal albums of 2011.

C.R.U.E.L. (GUA) "Against the light" MC   3,5 €
Compilation presenting the fangs which make Christian temples bleed: four demos showing the anger, fury and trve intention of this musical project, based on the ideology of intelectual superiority about mankind’s weakness and stupidity. Monsters who have spit over those fragiles bastards of such a story where is better to see one’s death than fight to inflict pain… Instrumental intros that complement chapters of auditive war, irritable sound exercises for those who does not comprehend their innocuous  reality, and sound pleasures of darkness for those who seek for a piece of art which gathers all black metal elements with very particular arrangements, focused on a musical composition destined to generate the fire from Hells…  Project with ABYSSUM members. Tape limited to 66 handnumbered copies, shiny red cover with red stickers. Released on February 2014.

Diabolical Principles (GRE) "Manifesto of death" MC   3 €
Tape Version of the new Album. Music both powerful, melodic and aggressive in the great Greek tradition. Tape Limited to 100 Copies with black & white Artwork on color Paper.

Dominus Ira (RUS) "Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris" MC   3,5 €
Second masterpiece of this cruel and sinister act from Russia with great varied riffs and song structures that are summoning a purely sombre, morbid, dreadful and dissonant atmosphere. Total unique manifestation of genuine Darkness, one of the best Russian materials since the millenium.

Forest Silence (HUN) "The Third Winter / Winter Circle" MC   3,5 €
Tape release that contains the first two deep, dark, hypnotic and meditative ritualistic wintery Black Ambient demo from this cult and old Hungarian band. A very unique material, officially never released before.

Goatflesh (UKR) "...Of pure Rape and Blasphemy" Tape   3 €
6 tracks of pure war black metal with a BLASPHEMOPHAGER Cover. Tape limited to 100 Copies with black and white Artwork printed on red Paper.

Inferno (CZE) "Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness"   MC   3,5 €
Tape version of the latest album from the masters of Czech Black Metal. Without a doubt, this masterwork is the best emanation of Inferno and one of the best albums from MMXIII. Purely dark, sinister and dissonant musick in the true Orthodox way pierced by total devotion and the Gnosis of the Dark Side!!

Myrrdin (UK) "Gods of Ancient Times" Tape   3 €
MYRRDIN mixes 3 Tracks of pure raw Black Metal and 3 Tracks of mysterious ambient (two short and one long). Tape limited to 100 Copies.

Pure (SWI) "And the Waters turned to Blood" Tape   3 €
Second Album for this Swiss Band. PURE plays an melancholic and raw true Black Metal with doom Parts. 5 Tracks for more 34 min... Tape limited to 100 Copies.

Slavecrushing Tyrant / Severe Storm (POL) "We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood" MC   3,5 €

Wings Of War (POL) "Battle Hymn" MC   3,0 € 

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