sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2015

Distro Update!

Hocus / Celtefog (GRE) "Nyktos Genesis" MC   3,5 €
The time has come. The new Pagan era of the Northern Greece is rising under the ancient darkness. Celtefog meets Hocus. The new and the old into the same dark path. These "two phases" split project is titled "Nyktos Genesis" which means in Greek "The Birth of the Night". Includes two songs from Hocus and one 10min song from Celtefog. Limited to 111 handnumbered copies. Released on February 2015.

Abyssum (GUA) "Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore" MC   3,5 €
"Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore", those infected emanations which sprout from this work, defined theirselves as Nekrospiritual Raw Metal in total cult of the scorching and embracing darkness of a world which is more complex than what a common human can fully understand, and a reality which goes far beyond a "normal" comprehension. Our reality is different, and our obscure Art leads, redefining  our ways and sustaining the forefront of what is for us an experience of life itself. This album was composed to present the musical levels we´re experiencing, mixing all that we consider to be worth of featuring in what we call a different form of expression, ABYSSUM. Tape limited to 111 handnumbered copies. Released on February 2015.

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