sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2014

Distro update!


Lamentation (USA) "s/t" MC   3,5 €
Debut demo tape by this band from Texas. Formed by Joshua Bokemeyer (Church of Disgust) and Andrew Guy, LAMENTATION deliver a 6-pack-dose of rancid, traditional, furious Death/Grind in the tradition of bands like Terrorizer, Defecation, Napalm Death, Autopsy or Repulsion. Not for the weak hearted. Negative, nihilistic, hateful Grindcore the way it was meant to be, no modern happy Grind bullshit. Limited to 150 copies.


Machetazo / RAS (SPA) "Split" 7EP   6 €
Split 7" EP between these mighty Death/Grind bands. This piece of pure decay will take its ignominious form by the beginning of 2014. MACHETAZO will feature a cover of Mortician's "Fog of Death" and an alternate take of "Desenterrado" while RAS will deliver their heaviest, darkest and most Death/Grind oriented songs so far.

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