quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2014

Distro Update!


Lepra (HUN) "Tongue Of Devil Prayers" CD   5 €   Cult, Pure Morbid Black Metal from Hungary. Long awaited debut album finally released.
Dunkelheit (HUN) "Mors Aeterna" CD   5 €   Misanthropic Black Metal from Hungary. Long awaited new album finally available.


Boreal Wind (USA/RUS) "Ultima Thule"   3 €   Vinland-Russian BM project, pure BBH atmosphere. LP on tape, limietd to 500 copies.
Dark Ages (UKR) - RABBLE, WHORES, USURERS   3 €   Dark Ambient from Ukraine. Last album on tape.
Dark Fury (POL) / Evil (BRA) / Pagan Hellfire (CAN) "We Know How To Hate" 
Elderblood (UKR) "Son Of The Morning"   3 €   Symphonic Black Metal from Ukraine, created by people related to Ulverg, Ygg or Nokturnal Mortum. Debut album on tape, in edition 500 handnumbered copies.
Elitism (FRA) "L'odeur des Deportes"   3 €   Great W.A.R. Black Metal from France, in the vein of old true Polish BM! Limited to handnumbered 488 copies.
Folkvang (BLR) "World of Wisdom" MC  3,5 €  
Graveland (POL) "Thunderbolt of the Gods"   3,5 €   Cult Hammer Metal from Poland. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Karpathia / Sirin (SVK) "Age Of Myths And Legends"   3 €   Slavonic Black Metal from Slovakia. Split tape of previous CDr split, limited now to 500 handnumbered copies.
Lascowiec (USA) "Frostwinds Of The Apocalypse"   3 €  Excellent Heathen Black Metal from Vinland. Latest album on tape.
Lascowiec (USA) "Isolation"   3 €   W.A.R. Black Metal from Vinland. Unreleased album recorded during 2007-2009. Tape in edition 500 hand-numbered copies.
Lascowiec (USA) "Survival"   3 € 
Sivyi Yar (RUS) "The Dawns Were Driting As Before   3 €   Slavonic Black Metal from Russia. Newest stuff! Tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
Skoll (ITA) "Misty Woods" MC   3 €
Skoll (ITA) "Grisera" MC  3 €   Cult Italian Heathen Ambient/Black Metal. New album, limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
Stworz (POL) - "Po Czasu Kres" MC   3 €
Torsgard (SWE) "1996-2010"   3,5 €   Classic Swedish RAC band. Come back album, with unreleased tracks from silent years! Limited to 314 handnumbered copies.
Winter Deluge (NZE) "As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity"   3,5 €   Raw Black Metal from New Zealand. Tape edition of full album with bonus tracks. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

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